5 Ways to Spice Up Your Hot Cocoa

December 17, 2014

This article is brought to you by our friends at Electrolux as part of an ongoing series focusing on seasonal ingredients for the holidays. This month we're talking chocolate.

Today: There's no better way to warm up this winter than with a mug of hot chocolate -- here are 5 ways to spice up your next batch.


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Hot chocolate is one of the few redeeming things about the bitter cold months ahead. There's a childlike joy that comes from a big mug of it, full of even bigger marshmallows. Hot cocoa represents the best parts of this season -- the cozy, fireside version that we romanticize when the weather first starts to turn crisp.

But sometime in February, we may start to tire of the same old hot chocolate. Those idealized dreams of sipping one under a blanket in our pajamas fade, and we're all too aware that there's another 2 months of winter to go. That's why we need ways to -- quite literally -- spice up our hot cocoa routine. Here are 5 ways to make your favorite hot chocolate recipe new again.

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Julie Myers

Written by: Julie Myers

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pamela December 18, 2014
Whipped cream? Marshmallows?? To spice things up?! What a cop-out! Those are basically standard. Try, like, peanut butter. Or a spoonful of raspberry jam.
BoulderGalinTokyo January 31, 2015
Like that raspberry jam idea! Thanks.
Luke December 18, 2014

1. nutmeg
2. chile
3. peppermint extract
4. whipped cream
5. marshmallows
Andrew December 17, 2014
Could Food52 please, please add a transcript? I don't come to sites like this for video. I read here in public places and can't often listen.