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Announcing Our New COO, Bridget Williams

December 19, 2014

From the early days of Food52, we've turned to Bridget Williams again and again for advice. When we were trying to figure out which ad network to use, what did we do? Ask Bridget. Who to talk to about SEO? Ask Bridget. What to look for in a strategic content partner? Ask Bridget. 

And so it went, until we decided it was high time to make things official and ask her to be a formal advisor to the company in the spring of 2013. 

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Bridget's entire career has been in digital. She started in sales at the New York Times back when banners were a fancy new ad unit, and eventually made her way to operations, leading audience and business development at Business Insider as they grew into a leading media site. More recently she was the President at Abrams Media, a network of vertical sites. What's so special about Bridget is her passion for media and brands that stand for something, her deep expertise in building a real audience, her lust for problem solving, and her innate talent for inspiring people.

While Bridget vetted candidates for us and advised us on business development strategy, she'd also email us about recipes she was making from the site. Food52 continued to thrive. Our community grew exponentially. We launched commerce and it took off. We now have a publishing arm and host brick and mortar events like our Holiday Market. The more we've grown the more clearly we've seen the opportunity ahead of us. And the need for someone to help us shape this journey, broaden our ambition and build the best team to tackle it all.

Long our secret advisor, Bridget is now our COO. We're so thrilled and we hope you'll give her the classic, warm Food52 welcome. She's been a part of our community all along, but now she's taking on a vital new role, and we don't think there's anyone better suited to helping us build Food52 into a global brand.

Photo by Mark Weinberg

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    Sharon Marie Cutri
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Sharon M. December 22, 2014
Show us her picture! Congratulations--you all are doing a very special job and I tell all my friends/family about your site...happy holidays!
testkitchenette December 19, 2014
Many congratulations! She sounds like a great fit!