Dip Included Buffalo Wings

October  1, 2010

In the video below, A&M make foodfighter's revolutionary Dip Included Buffalo Wings (the blue cheese dip is tucked inside the crispy coating -- pure genius). You'll also hear the tale of Amanda's life-changing first Buffalo wing and learn how Merrill's cheese-averse husband took to this Stilton-encrusted version of his beloved snack.

This week's videos were once again shot and edited by filmmaker Elena Parker.


Llama H. November 22, 2010
Found your site today and was instantly impressed. These wings are a beautiful thing! Will make and bribe the neighbor into hosting a Sunday football get-together.
Sasha (. October 21, 2010
Yummy. The crackling sound as they bit into their chicken put me over the edge. Now I need wings! :)
Rhonda35 October 7, 2010
Okay, I'm not sure which is funnier - Merrill's confession that she fed cheese to her cheese-averse hubby and he didn't even notice or Amanda's story about her 11th grade trip to Buffalo. Too cute! Great video, gals - you are getting so darn good at these things. The wings sound delicious and I will have to test them out on my own personal Buffalo Bills fan - Go Bills! Amanda, you sound like you aren't 100% - hope you are feeling better now. xo
hennef7 October 3, 2010
You girls are so dang cute....wish I could come cook with you.
DrCook October 3, 2010
I agree with you, their act is so cool & delicous some times I stare at them more than what they teach.
lapadia October 1, 2010
MrsWheelbarrow October 1, 2010
What a great idea!
adashofbitters October 1, 2010
Bloody heck, I want those right now.
mrslarkin October 1, 2010
whoa. those look amazing!