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How to Make Amaranth for Breakfast

March 26, 2015

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Today: Katie Quinn shows us how to finagle amaranth, an ancient grain like quinoa, into a powerhouse breakfast bowl with walnuts and honey.

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Amaranth is the new quinoa, so says video journalist and food enthusiast KatieQ. This ancient yet under-the-radar seed is packed with protein, amino acids, fiber, magnesium, and iron -- and it's super simple to make. Katie shows us how to cook the amaranth -- so easy, you can be half asleep. Add your favorite toppings like walnuts and honey, and you've got yourself a powerhouse breakfast bowl.

Tell us, how do you cook with amaranth?

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    Jaime Brockway
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    Josie Marsh
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    Jose Cusati
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Jaime Brockway

Written by: Jaime Brockway

Polenta, mac and cheese, farmers' market breakfasts, smoky food & drink. These are a few of my favorite things. I was an editorial intern @Food52 in 2015!


Jaime B. April 1, 2015
Great ideas everyone, thank you!
Josie M. March 27, 2015
Terry Walters has a great pot pie recipe that uses amaranth and millet for a top crust.
Jose C. March 27, 2015
I use the puffed amaranth for my breakfast. Puffed oat, spelt, chia seed, linseed, blueberrys and lowfat quark! That's enough to have energy during the morning :)
Mel S. March 26, 2015
I grow crimson amaranth at home, so I use the leaves like spinach or kale and harvest the seeds to either mix into oatmeal or throw in smoothies. I love it!
Two T. March 26, 2015
Yum! I love amaranth. Once you get the hang of popping it, it becomes like tiny tiny popcorn, and alegria is another super easy, healthy snack to make. Additionally, I toss it into granola with other nuts and seeds. have talked about it here:
Janice L. March 27, 2015
Wow, how do you pop it? Is there a trick? I'm a popcorn addict and I want to try other popped grains ;)
Two T. March 28, 2015
@jan--it takes some practice. Basically you want to heat a wide dry skillet, pour in a tsp amaranth, cover the pan and shake, and within 20 seconds they should pop. Then you want to immediately pour it into a bowl to stop the heat and repeat with another tsp at a time. I have definitely googled videos to help.