9 Recipes for Surviving Tax Season

April 13, 2015

Our solution to pushing through the final days of tax season is some soul-nourishing food. We're so close! Take a quick break from wrangling W2s, tracking down I099s, and filing your heart out by making one, or all, of these dishes. Our solutions for surviving tax season: dessert for breakfast, cocktail for lunch, cookies for snacks, and a steak. Let's call it brain fuel. 

So, start with pie or ice cream for breakfast:

Bill Smith's Atlantic Beach Pie by Genius Recipes

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Cereal Milk Ice Cream by Catherine Lamb


Then decide it is okay to day drink, because taxes.

Better Beermosa by Erik Lombardo



Go on a bit of a cookie baking, and eating, binge:

Milano Cookies by Carey Nershi


Pretzel Shortbread by molly yeh


Magical Marvelous Cookies by Jestei


Then bake a cake. (It's sustenance, not procrastination.)

Funfetti Cake by molly yeh


Then again, maybe steak is better fuel—you know, for math.

Pomegranate Flank Steak by Phyllis Grant


Finally, celebrate filing your taxes with cocktails:

Bowery Punch by Food52

Another saving grace to this whole Tax Day situation: We're already dreaming about that refund. What will it be this time? Summer vacation? Paying off credit card debt? Buying something off your Shop wishlist? We know which one we would go for.

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