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The Little Pot That Could

September 24, 2009

Krona 12-cup pot

- Amanda

I found this little pot when Merrill and I went on a shopping expedition to Williamsburg and stopped in at Whisk. Made by Krona, a moderately priced line of Norpro, the pot holds 12 cups (with measurements marked inside), has a comfortable tea-pot-style handle, a spout and a lid with small and large holes for straining -- in short, a lot of carefully thought out details. The pot is perfect for cooking small amounts of vegetables and pasta (without having to pull out a colander), scalding milk, making chai or hot chocolate and cooking soup. Plus it's cute!(Call Whisk to order one: (718) 218-7230; it's $45 at Amazon.)

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We'd like to know what your favorite pot is -- either comment below, or better yet, send us a photo ([email protected]) and we'll add yours to this blog post. Remember to tell us -- in a single sentence -- what you love about your pot. Can't wait to hear from you!

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daracooks October 4, 2009
I think you hit the real selling point, it's cute and that hands down justifies purchasing it. You are too funny.
Kelsey B. September 30, 2009
I agree with witloof - I love all clad, especially my 4 qt saute pan with a splatter screen and lid - perfect for just about everything, especially making a sauce and adding pasta at the end for a quick twirl before serving.
witloof September 27, 2009
i use my all clad three quart pot every single day -- it is a good size to cook oatmeal, polenta, pasta, soup, or veggies for one or two, doesn' t have a hot spot, and is so easy to clean.
Amanda H. September 27, 2009
That's a handy size. I use a 4-quart copper saute pan all the time, as well. Good for everything from blanching asparagus to braising chicken.