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April 12, 2015

Every Sunday, we'll round up our favorite food reads (podcasts, and videos) from the week, so you can sit back with that cup of coffee and settle in to catch up on what's happening in the world of food.

Today: A travel writer contemplates her role in a food magazine's demise, why the macaroni and cheese company just bought the ketchup company, and a conversation on modern mixology.

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Here are 7 of our favorite things we read this week:

  • At first we laughed when we heard that the macaroni and cheese company bought the ketchup company, but then we realized that the Heinz/Kraft merger could have some serious ramifications on the food industry by decreasing the possibility of a competitive market for food, which translates to fewer options for consumers. We may just make our condiments at home for now. (Time)

  • This article did the rounds on our intra-office chat when we learned that Duane "The Rock" Johnson eats more cod per year than anyone should in a lifetime (820 pounds per, to be exact) and this woman is concerned for him. (FiveThirtyEight and The Toast)
  • An oldie but goodie: Ann Patchett reflects on her years spent traveling and eating on Gourmet magazine's dime; we reflected on ways to convince A&M to expand into travel and send us on fabulous trips for "research." (Wall Street Journal)

 Bourbon Cocktail

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Top photo by James Ransom; bottom photo by Mark Weinberg

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82shoes April 13, 2015
Note, the ketchup company bought the macaroni and cheese company. You have it the other way around.
Leslie S. April 13, 2015
The Time article I linked says, "the mac and cheese company owns the ketchup company," but this NY Times article explains that the companies actually merged under the umbrella company of 3G Capital. I hope this clears things up!