10 Reasons to Embrace Tofu

May 13, 2015

Despite the long history and complicated past we've had with tofu, we've now come to know its virtues, appreciate its versatility, and even championed its legitimacy as a main ingredient. Now that we've fully embraced this coagulated bean curd, let's unabashedly celebrate it in a diversity of dishes. 

Here are 10 dishes to make you want to embrace tofu.

Tofu Breakfast Scramble by Gena Hamshaw

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Japanese-Style Fried Tofu by Madhuja


Citrus Ginger Tofu Salad with Buckwheat Soba Noodles by Poppies and Papayas


Grilled Peanut Tofu by enbe


Baked Tofu and Vegetable Egg Rolls by ieatthepeach


Spicy Garlic Noodles with Crumbled Tofu and Cucumber Salad by Nathalie Nicole


Vegetarian Ramen by Catherine Lamb


Creamy Spring Pasta with Shiitake Mushrooms and Peas by Gena Hamshaw


Andrea Nguyen's Cashew and Cardamom Fudge (Kaju Barfi) by Genius Recipes


Vegan Chocolate Pie by Gena Hamshaw


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Wren May 20, 2015
no mapo tofu? agedashi tofu? soodubu? Sad article is sad.
cynbook May 13, 2015
Ten reasons? I don't care if there are a thousand reasons. I am not eating tofu.
Andrew May 16, 2015
Do you have an excuse, or are you simply afraid?
cynbook May 20, 2015
The texture really turns me off.