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May  2, 2015

This post is brought to you by Arrowhead Mills and Bake it Forward. 

Taking a picture of baked goods can prove a tricky task—not only do you want your sugar-based treasures to look delicious, but you also want the image to convey all the feels. You know—the warm and fuzzy ones. 

Because baking a pie, a cake, cookies, brownies, biscotti, madeleines, a cake, or even scones (yes, scones) can spark joy in the hearts of many, can inspire others to bake a batch of baguettes, and can sometimes even turn into a dream come true. That's why, as part of Arrowhead Mills' Bake it Forward program, we asked our community to show us what they were mixing and kneading and whipping this past week. We hope these photos will motivate you to get into the kitchen and bake something special—for yourself or your loved ones—this weekend:


When life gives you lemons, make #lemon bars. #homebaking #dessert #friday

A photo posted by Ruth Tam (@rushyama) on


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 There is a special place in our hearts for lemon bars.



This weeks indulgence Chocolate Mascarpone Brownies! #bake #chocolate #f52grams #bakeitforward

A photo posted by Mary McDonald (@pixelsandcrumbs) on


 We'll take all three, please.



 We love baby cakes, especially when they are layered with rhubarb curd and cream.


Lemon obsession this time of year.

A photo posted by Out of the Thistle -- Rhonda (@outofthethistle) on


 Did we mention we love lemon bars?


When life gives you lemons, turn them into lemon curd. Then turn that lemon curd into ice cream and stuff it between cookies.

In this situation, plates are not necessary.


Butterscotch Cheesecake Brownies | Today on H&H

A photo posted by Olivia Crandall (@hunt_and_harvest) on

Here's everything we love, condensed into one bar cookie. 

What are you baking this weekend? Share with us in the comments below?

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Sam W. May 3, 2015
I could live off those ice cream sandwiches. Loved seeing all the baking on Instagram this week!