12 Recipes to Make with Your Tax Return Check

May 13, 2015

Your tax return check recently came in the mail. You know how much the slip of government-issued paper will say, but something about seeing those little inky numbers makes your heart rush—the thrill of getting a lump sum delivered to your door never disappoints. And while you had well-constructed plans and a spot in your savings account for this tiny treasure, simply holding the envelope in your hands has you rethinking everything. 

Only a little prompting is needed before you find yourself running to the bank to cash that check in. You feel like a million bucks. And then you pop into the grocery store to pick up the chicken thighs for tonight's dinner—when it hits you: That duck confit you've always wanted to make, the luxurious cake that’s been moonlighting in your fantasies, and the caviar-topped latkes you have been eyeing from afar all just become "affordable." Forget that overdue vacation, forget your credit card, put off that hefty student loan payment, and cook an amazing meal instead. Scratch that: Cook a whole day's worth of dreamy dishes. Make a meal where every bite is worth each shiny new penny spent. Here are 9 recipes to get you started:

Because time is money, make Cinnamon Rolls by erinmcdowell

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Because saffron is a luxury: Heidi Swanson's Chickpea Stew with Saffron, Yogurt, and Garlic by Genius Recipes


Because burrata, unfortunately, can't be part of every day: The Jewels of the Spring Salad: Shaved Asparagus with Burrata, Radish & Cucumber by QueenSashy



Spring for three types of seafood and make Dad's Favorite Seafood Stew by inpatskitchen


Ask the butcher for a five-pound leg of lamb and make Pomegranate Roast Lamb by Savour


Let your fish bathe in two cups of olive oil: Tilapia Poached in Olive Oil with Thyme and Garlic by Merrill Stubbs



Pretend you're on an extravagant trip to France and make Melissa Clark's Really Easy Duck Confit by Genius Recipes


Pick up tenderloin and port for Porcini and Rosemary Crusted Beef Tenderloin with Port Wine Sauce by TasteFood


Caviar! Sweet Potato Pancakes with Caviar and Crème Fraîche by Alexandra Stafford


Because we said so: Olive Oil-Saffron Ice Cream with Burnt Orange-Caramel Swirl by Stefani McGuiness


Because everyone needs fancy cake: Pistachio Cake with Lemon, Cardamom, and Rose Water by Sarah Jampel



Champagne, lots of it, specifically in Strawberry Juice and a Champagne Cocktail by Merrill Stubbs

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Kopperchick May 13, 2015
This was a fun article- really had me thinking of what I would make if money was no object. Usually red meat is an extravagance in my home, so it would probably be really large, really juicy steaks!