Winner of Your Best Recipe with Green Stuff

May 13, 2015

Congratulations to Kukla, whose Georgian Khachapuri Filled with Ramps, Green Onions, Herbs, and Cheese won the contest for Your Best Recipe with Green Stuff!

Describe an early food experience that has influenced the way you think about food and/or cooking.
I learned to cook and bake in between piano practices by watching and helping my mom and aunt; they were both amazing cooks and bakers and knew how to throw a party. We rarely sat down to lunch or dinner without a couple of friends or relatives joining us.

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My mom and aunt never used cookbooks—all of their recipes were their own creations or recipes passed down from family and friends. My mom’s family lived in Bucharest for 18 years, so Romanian cuisine also was always an inspiration and a strong influence in their dishes. My mom was sometimes given very large, encyclopedia-sized cookbooks as presents, but I don’t remember her or my aunt ever opening them! For me, though, these Russian cookbooks from the 1950s are treasures.

Kukla's mother's Russian cookbooks.

What's your least favorite kitchen task?
Washing and drying herbs and lettuce.

Left: Kukla's mother's Dutch oven. Right: Kukla.

Your favorite kitchen tool? 
My mom’s old-fashioned Dutch oven, originally bought in Moldova. I still love cooking in it!

What is your idea of comfort food?
Salads with everything but the kitchen sink. I also love adding crunch and texture to my salads by crumbling some chips into them.

What is your greatest kitchen disaster?
I’ve been lucky not to have had any recent major kitchen disasters.

Photos of Kukla, Dutch oven, and cookbooks provided by Kukla; all others by James Ransom

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Midge May 21, 2015
Congrats Kukla!
Kukla May 21, 2015
Thanks a lot Midge!!!
boulangere May 14, 2015
Hip hip hooray! I am so very happy for you.
Kukla May 14, 2015
Thanks a million Cynthia!!! I'll be very happy when you try this recipe and tell me your opinion.
Kukla May 14, 2015
Thank you all for your kind congratulations! Special thanks to the editors for choosing my recipe as a finalist, Mr. James Ransom for the beautiful photos and everybody who voted and congratulated me!!! You guys are the best!!!
sexyLAMBCHOPx May 14, 2015
Congratulations Kukla! Well done!
Kukla May 14, 2015
Thanks a lot sexyLAMBCHOPx!!!
boulangere May 13, 2015
Woo Hoo! Woo Hoo! Woo Hoo! Congratulations Kukla!
Kukla May 13, 2015
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Cynthia!!!
healthierkitchen May 13, 2015
Congrats Kukla, these are really splendid, and your Mom's pot is a treasure!
Kukla May 13, 2015
Thanks a lot healthierkitchen!!! Yes you are right, this Dutch oven is a treasure for me.
gingerroot May 13, 2015
Congratulations, Kukla!! I have fond memories of eating Georgian Cheese Bread in college at a Friday cafe. I'm only realizing now that this is the same kind of bread plus herbs and ramps. I can't wait to try this. Loved reading your Q & A!
Kukla May 13, 2015
Thank you gingerroot; hope you make and like this recipe!
Bevi May 13, 2015
Congratulations Kukla! Your cooking heritage benefits so many home cooks. Well deserved and splendid photo of you!
Kukla May 13, 2015
Thank you so, so much dear Bevi!!! This photo is from last years my granddaughters graduation .
dymnyno May 13, 2015
Congratulations! love seeing your familiar face winning for wonderful recipes!
Kukla May 13, 2015
I'm very honored! Thank you dymnyno!!
drbabs May 13, 2015
Kukla! Congratulations! I'm so happy for you!
Kukla May 13, 2015
Thank you so very much Barbara for your kind comment!!!
hardlikearmour May 13, 2015
Congratulations, Kukla! That Dutch oven is fantastic.
Kukla May 13, 2015
Thank you Sara! That Dutch oven reminds me of the times we cooked together with my dear Mom in her kitchen.
inpatskitchen May 13, 2015
Congratulations Kukla! Wonderful to see you here!
Kukla May 13, 2015
Thanks a lot Pat for your kind words!!!
QueenSashy May 13, 2015
Kukla, this recipe is such a treasure, my wholehearted congratulations! I look forward to making it this weekend...
Kukla May 13, 2015
My wholehearted Thank You QweenSashy!!!
aargersi May 13, 2015
Congratulations! If it's a Kukla recipe it is bound to be good!
Kukla May 13, 2015
Thank you Abbie for the congratulations and your high opinion about my recipes!!!
AntoniaJames May 13, 2015
So, so true, Abbie. I'm thrilled that this recipe won. Congratulations, Kukla - and thank you for this wonderful Q&A, too!
AJ ;o)
Kukla May 13, 2015
Thank you so, so much AJ for your beautiful congratulations and I am also very glad you like my Q&A!!!
mrslarkin May 13, 2015
Congrats Kukla!
Kukla May 13, 2015
Thanks a lot Liz!
creamtea May 13, 2015
Congrats, Kukla, this looks delicious!
Kukla May 13, 2015
Thank you so much creamtea!!