A List of Things We Like This Week

May 22, 2015

Propelled by our obsession with writing lists of things we like, the editors are sharing a few things that brought them joy this week. We won't call it self help, but we encourage you to give it a whirl. You'll smile.

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boulangere May 25, 2015
Freshly mown grass
Rain plopping on maple leaves
New wind chimes
Riding my bike to the gym
Riding my bike to work
Riding my bike
Eating lots of avocados
Bevi May 25, 2015
Peony buds with lots of ants
Homemade grilled pizzas
Almost time for strawberry jam making
Biking on the Cape
Masses of forget-me-nots
Long walks with friends in gorgeous weather
Genko May 25, 2015
Rose petal jam
Really simple crackers
Writing short letters on beautiful cards
My sister's watercolor paintings
Talking to my son on the phone
Long summer evenings
Sitting quietly, doing nothing
Looking at old family photographs
Jigsaw puzzles
Ice cold sparkling water
drbabs May 23, 2015
Visitors from NY
Picking herbs from pots on my patio
Exploring little Texas towns
Surprising my husband with an ebay find for his birthday.
Signing up for a class at Central Market with Mrs. Wheelbarrow
aargersi May 23, 2015
Me too I like the Mrs Wheelbarrow one too!!!
MrsWheelbarrow May 25, 2015
You guys!!!! So excited!!
aargersi May 23, 2015
Pool parties in spite of thunderstorms
Giant shiso leaves
Pickled shrimp and marinated asparagus
Hatching praying mantis eggs
Amanda H. May 22, 2015
Love reading everyone's lists!
ann L. May 22, 2015
The start of shrimping season

Holiday weekend paired with anniversary celebration!

Big mop head hydrangeas ripe for cutting

The first of sailboat races of the year

Grilling fresh corn


Soaking up the Rays (with SPF of course)

Longer evenings with cocktails on the porch
Anna H. May 22, 2015
A fresh cup of tea, brought to me in bed, first thing in the morning.
Listening to Georgia On My Mind by Ray Charles.
The smell of roasted coffee beans.
Early morning walks along the beach.
Reading Girl On A Train.
Talking to my Mum on the phone. Telling her stories of far away places.
AntoniaJames May 22, 2015
The first blueberries of the year

In-season avocados (yes, CA avocados do taste better)

Hiking in new places

Schumann Op. 44 (Thank you, Roy Bogas)

Rhododendrons that, like your best friend who comes to your party, arrive early and stay late

Grilled sausages + red onion jam + roasted sauerkraut + coarse mustard (Hello, Memorial Day!)

Old Charlie Rose interviews of interesting authors, on YouTube

Chopin Impromptu No. 3

Alstroemerias (Cherry Bay) in my office

Summer Pie (see #1, above), and this