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June 23, 2015

There are those things we eat, make, read, and gush over that are just too good to keep to ourselves. Here, we resist the urge to use too many exclamation points and let you in on our latest crushes.

Today: This article is not sponsored by, but it may as well be. 

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There's no reason to believe that "" is a legitimate website. If and and are any indication, will not be at all helpful. And if it is a real website, it’s certainly not a URL you want to type into your browser in the workplace. 

But against all odds,—a family-owned business founded in 1929 that was called NutsOnline from 1999 to 2012—is a useful website. And beyond that, it's one of my favorite retailers on the internet. 

This site is magnetic and expansive, a delightful black hole; when you have more than five minutes of free time, go see for yourself. Yes, you'd expect the wide variety of nuts (you can find pili nuts and black walnuts), but stays true to its slogan: "We're more than just nuts."

Start by sorting their enormous selection—which ranges from the namesake nuts to coffee and tea to granola to chocolate-covered pretels to make-your-own-trail-mix—by categories that include organic, raw, sugar-free, and gluten-free, and then get more granular than that: For those times when you need three pounds of gold-colored M&Ms or ten pounds of buttered popcorn Jelly Bellys, you can narrow your candy search by color or flavor

Pictured above: half popped popcorn, mochi rice cakesdate flax energy squares, and Turkish figs

You can find raw almonds in the shell, dried mulberries, chocolate-covered bananas, BBQ toasted corn nuts, and a whole selection of chocolate rocks (you know, for when you're crafting a candy terrarium). Order everything you need to make bubble tea (from straws to tapioca pearls to Thai tea powder), pistachio paste for that pistachio babka recipe, and spirulina to add to your green smoothies. makes it easy to find otherwise hard-to-find flours like teff, kamut, and triticale, as well as international snacks like Japanese peanuts and Indian Bhakarwadi that your local store might not carry, and more dried mushrooms than you'll ever know what to do with.

Spend some time browsing and you’ll discover new snacks (or, at the very least, end up scratching your head) when you stumble across dried chokeberries, freeze-dried peas, astronaut ice cream, and watermelon seeds. Order a sample size (just $2.50 in many cases), then use the bulk discount when you fall in love. It's the perfect website for ordering ingredients for your favorite granola, stocking up on snacks for a camping trip, or even buying candies for wedding favors

Once you place your order, there’s hardly any waiting at all; with the disclaimer that I live on the East Coast, I will say that every time I’ve ordered from I’ve received my shipment in fewer than three days. I recommend you do what I did in college: Pool a group of fanatics and order your loot to one location to cut down on shipping costs. Then, when your package comes, act like it's Christmas. Tear open the box, dive into the colorful bags, and taste one of everything. The silky-textured, brightly colored packaging alone—which was redesigned in 2012 by my biggest company crush, Pentagram—will make you smile, and that's before you've even tasted the sweet and tart dried berry mix or the chewy mochi

A note from my college roommate included the best postscript ever.

I can't remember one item I've ordered from that hasn't impressed me in terms of quality. My staples are dried mangoMedjool datesTurkish figs, and mochi, but I like to try one new product every time. With so many items to choose from—and the knowledge that whatever I buy will arrive quickly in adorable packaging—it's a shame not to take advantage of everything the site has to offer., thank you for all of the snacks and joy have you provided me. This has been my love letter to you. 

What are your favorite websites to order food from? Tell us in the comments below!

First and last photo by James Ransom

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I used to work at Food52. I'm probably the person who picked all of the cookie dough out of the cookie dough ice cream.


yvonne1985 March 28, 2021
Have the Guts to go Nuts :)
Neophyte July 22, 2015
Thanks for the 411, I've submitted my first order for hazelnuts (skinned), dates, and organic shredded coconut. Rabbit-hole indeed--much more than nuts! Rancho Gordo for The Best Beans.
boulangere July 10, 2015
Not if one is allergic to nuts. My throat began to itch just reading this.
EmilyC July 10, 2015
I'm now an official fan too! I've been really impressed with the quality of everything I ordered. Probably my favorite thing so far are the marcona almonds. They're better than any I've had (and I've bought them many places because they're a weakness of mine!).
thesamanthafiles July 1, 2015
Thank you SO much for this! My husband and I are now completely addicted - we've ordered twice since you posted this article. We're going to have many happy friends, we have lots of treats to share!
lunule June 29, 2015
Thanks for this!
Eduval June 26, 2015
Dried Strawberries are good but if you want the sweet/tart combination go for the Dried Whole Cranberries. They're the bomb! Love the sample size options too so you can try new things without committing to larger packages. My aunt swears by the toasted coconut.
Jody T. June 25, 2015
LOVE these guys. Placed a big order of snack stiff a few weeks ago and it was 6 days to the Northwest. Pretty darn good. Love the Guacamole Bites and all of the Sesame Sticks... oh, and the cashews... and the freeze dried fruit. I'm doomed!
Aubrey W. June 24, 2015
They make the best beef jerky too!!! Sweet & spicy is my absolute favorite - so addicting!
Caitlin J. June 24, 2015
I love this website; I'm also on the East Coast but I always get my orders overnight somehow! My favorites so far (still have much to try) include their pumpkin pie fudge, taro root powder, and red velvet sea salt caramels! My friends, family, and I couldn't get enough when I ordered them!
Eduval June 26, 2015
Red velvet sea salt caramels - mmmmm! When you place large orders, they always throw in a few free sample packs to get you to try new things. We got these caramels last time and had a fight over who got the last one in the bag! Had to get more!
AntoniaJames June 24, 2015
That packaging and its profound adverse environmental impact kills the deal for me. Wouldn't it be great if were to offer these products in compostable or recyclable packages? (And wouldn't it be great if Food52 figured environmental impact into its evaluation of products it recommends?) ;o) P.S. Yes, I know I'm a bit of a contrarian, but if someone doesn't speak up for a serious problem that affects every one of us, and our children and their children, which must be dealt with at the individual consumer choice level, who will?
Betsey June 29, 2015
Are they something that TerraCycle might take?
Kendra V. June 24, 2015
sarah this website is totally NSFW in that i am on it at work and have therefore done NO WORK this WHOLE TIME and am instead racking up a gazillion dollar nut cart what have you DONE
Lindsay-Jean H. June 24, 2015
This site is going to get me into so much trouble.
EmilyC June 24, 2015
skb June 23, 2015
Wait, other people know about how awesome is? Makes me love them even more, and trust Food52's judgment even more. A win-win.
MrsWheelbarrow June 23, 2015
I've been a fan forever. The dried fruit, especially the strawberries, are awesome and the basis for my double strawberry jam (a crowd favorite.) Around the holidays, I dip the beautiful dried pears in bittersweet chocolate to dress up my cookie boxes. For all of you who have ruined a perfectly good tea towel rubbing the skins off hazelnuts? They have ALREADY SKINNED blanched hazelnuts. Dried nectarines are amazing. I haven't allowed myself to even peek into the candy department because I have no self control.
MrsWheelbarrow June 23, 2015
oh... and the coconut! toasted! unsweetened! sweetened! All the coconut.
Matilda L. June 23, 2015
I love! I regularly buy the 5Lb bags of salted, roasted pistachios and raw almonds. My favorite, however, is the dark chocolate turbinado sea salt almonds. I've forbidden myself to buy them since I will scarf down the whole bag in a day or two.
Mardi M. June 23, 2015
I am a huge fan of - I buy my baking ground almonds there for my macaron classes and refer my students there are well. It's all I can do to JUST order what I need there - so addictive!!
mrslarkin June 23, 2015
Our stockings are stuffed with treats every Christmas. Lemonheads, butterscotch candies, and chocolate covered espresso beans to name a few. We Love!
mujisan June 23, 2015
I love the honey roasted nuts and yogurt or chocolate covered pretzels. Dried strawberries also was a surprise hit.
tinab June 23, 2015
Ooh intrigued by the strawberries mentioned by China! is run out of my hometown in Cranford NJ and they stock my favorite licorice chalk (think Good and Plentys but with a minty sort of flavor rather than vanilla). Time to order again!
Michele June 24, 2015
You can save on shipping by picking them up. I live nearby so I place the order over the phone or online and can pick later that day or the next. Love!