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Our Limited Edition thomaspaul Octopus Towel Goes to Goshen, Massachussetts

July  7, 2015

Our exclusive, limited edition thomaspaul Octopus Banya Towel (left), modeled by Kenzi (right).

When Managing Editor Kenzi Wilbur and Executive Editor Kristen Miglore headed to idyllic Goshen, Masschussetts, for the long weekend, they may have taken (borrowed!) our new octopus towel for the trip.


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Their weekend included canoe rides and fishing for fishes.


As well as admiring the architecture of their woodsy cabin and playing with DIY sparklers.

Kristen and Kenzi didn't leave the towel out of the fun, though. "Having this summery octopus towel around made me want to swim, and fish, and eat more seafood—is that wrong?," said Kristen. And like good Food52 team members, they documented their towel time:

Before using the towel to dry off from a dip in the lake, it can be a picnic blanket on the dock.

The towel also fits in inside, as a tablecloth—Chinese checkers sort of mandatory.

First image by Rocky Luten. All others by Kristen Miglore, Marian Bull, and Kenzi Wilbur.

What destinations are on your summer bucket list?

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    Haley Sonneland
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    Kenzi Wilbur
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Kraken July 19, 2015
I was in LOVE with this towel from the first time I saw it! I bought it and just got back from vacationing with it on Long Beach Island. The towel was magnificent to see and was a great size. I loved everything about it.....that is until I got up from sunning on it and realized I looked like I had been beaten! The blue dye from the octopus had transferred to my skin and made me look like I had had a horrible encounter with a staircase fall. I still love the towel, but do not recommend sitting on it when wet, sweaty, or even when it is a bit humid out. I haven't washed it yet, but feel that the dye will bleed and that the white will not be so white when I am done. Makes me sad as it was a splurge for me this summer....
julianne July 12, 2015
I was a camp counselor in Goshen many moons ago. How fun and nice to see it written about. And yes I am buying that towel.
LauriL July 7, 2015
Awesome towel! Awesome pics!
Haley S. July 7, 2015
I've never seen a better towel model in my life! Want.
Kenzi W. July 8, 2015
Ha ha ha.