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From Where We Stand: Our Weekend in Photos

July 13, 2015

A glimpse into our editors' lives: Here's how the world looks from where we stand.

Today: baking (times three!) and eating al fresco.

Bread Leslie's bread

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This Saturday, Sarah (left) and I (right) went to a bread-baking class at Il Buco Alimentari, where we made a white peach-and-thyme quick bread and learned the first steps of making ciabatta (the whole of which is a 30-hour process!). Because we only had 2 hours there, they let us place already-leavened dough onto wooden boards to go into the oven—see the fruits of our labor above. — Leslie



I went home to Connecticut for the weekend to celebrate my cousin's bridal shower. My mom's and my gift: homemade flower arrangements. — Caroline


Boats Poptarts

Between canoedling (eh, eh?) and my current obsession with homemade pop tarts—a busy weekend. — Lindsay-Jean


Al fresco

Ate dinner al fresco 3 nights in a row, ended up with about 25 bug bites, and only put on shoes for about an hour in total: good weekend. — Amanda

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Writing and cooking in Brooklyn.

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AntoniaJames July 13, 2015

Canning – pickles and blueberries

Taught negotiation strategy and tactics to MBA women’s leadership class in Silicon Valley (alas, no photos)

Calculated metric conversions for a cake + summer fruit:

And about a dozen other fun things.

Life is so good. ;o)