The Most Stunning Photos of Pluto—Er, Pluots. And Plums

July 14, 2015

When you're sleepy on your morning commute, and you think about food all the time, sometimes headlines start to morph. Oh, Pluto photos are being released today? Pluots, I thought, I like those—they're in season! Turns out my phone had the same thinking, which made me feel a little better:

These are basically the same—right?—except one is up far far away and the other is available in our shop.

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So when you're done looking at the best, baddest photo of Pluto, take a look at the most stunning plum images and recipes (pluots can be subbed in easily). You can thank sleep deprivation for this one.

Plum Tart by Amanda Hesser

Plum Tart on Food52


Savory Plum Tart by JackieK


Whole Oat Groats with Cherries, Plums, Pistachios, and Homemade Almond Milk by fo

Oat Groats on Food52


Marian Burros' Plum Torte by Merrill Stubbs

Plum Torte on Food52


Plum Avocado Summer Salad by Lena S.

Plum Avocado Salad on Food52


Roasted Plums with Vanilla Bean by Merrill Stubbs

Roasted Plums with Vanilla on Food52

Spiced Plum Cobbler by sdebrango

Spiced Plum Cobbler on Food52

Olive Oil Ricotta Cake with Plums by Kenzi Wilbur

Olive Oil Ricotta Cake with Plums 

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mcs3000 July 14, 2015
Love your writing, Ali!
Ali S. July 15, 2015
Thank you, mcs3000! I was inspired by the pluots (and Pluto).