Our Latest Contest: Your Best Recipe with Coconut

July 20, 2015

It's time to get cracking on our latest contest.


As the story goes, Isaac Newton, father of physics and champion of gravity, was sitting beneath an apple tree when his greatest idea—the Universal Law of Gravitation—struck him directly on the head. His choice of seat seemed to work out so well for him that we're taking inspiration: For the next few weeks, you can find us sitting not beneath apple trees, but beneath swaying coconut palms (if we can find any in New York), waiting for inspiration for our latest contest, Your Best Recipe with Coconut, to strike.

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Will the greatest coconut recipes be sweet? Savory? Creamy? Cold? We want to see everything from your best curried coconut soup and vegan ice cream to that genius thing you came up with when you had just a couple tablespoons left in the can of coconut milk. When inspiration strikes you, submit your recipes to the contest page

Photo by James Ransom

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