A C.S.A. Surprise (Psssst: It's a Truffle)

July 30, 2015

This week, we got a small-but-mighty surprise in our C.S.A. share. 

This week, our C.S.A. from Local Roots included parsley, two green peppers, a couple tomatoes, a couple nectarines, some knobby carrots, calico potatoes, and a mysterious little box that looked like it came from the Whole Foods salad bar.

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What was hiding inside???????

A piece of tar (is it Christmas yet)? A burnt marshmallow? A fossilized "present" from Erin and Derek's dog Brimley

Underneath the shreds of straws was something even better...

...a black truffle!

After we took turns admiring the truffle and cradling it in our hands, Kenzi placed it—carefully—in a plastic container with eggs; this is supposed to infuse the eggs with truffle flavor (we'll let you know how it works on Friday).

What else should we do with our truffle? Bonus points if it includes the other vegetables, too!

Share with us in the comments below!

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jeannepmeyer August 1, 2015
Hou can also
jeannepmeyer August 1, 2015
Add a tiny junk of that truffle to sea salt, seal it in an airtight container to infuse it. Can do the same with honey!
peanut B. July 31, 2015
you should watch haute cuisine
Khadija July 30, 2015
Our nectarines from Phillip's Farm are so insanely sweet, you might not have the self control to try this recipe out, but if you do:
-Sauté sliced nectarines with vanilla extract, almond extract, brown sugar, honey, and a splash of bourbon.
-Eat out of pot or with a bowl (or tub) of vanilla ice cream

Khadija July 30, 2015
Fancy truffle potato chips!!
-Use a mandolin to slice up potatoes super thin
-Soak in vinegar water (a trick my mom taught me that makes all the difference!)
-Fry up in homemade truffle oil
-Sprinkle with flaky Maldon salt