What Fall Cookbooks Are You (Sort of Patiently) Waiting For?

August  7, 2015

Cookbook season is coming! Cookbook season is coming!

Come September, you'll be seeing a lot of new cookbooks everywhere. We know because our desk is overflowing with early copies (we'll spare you a photo of the mess). So, help us wade through all the books that are soon to be filling your and our shelves and kitchens and tell us: Which cookbooks are you most looking forward to this fall? Here's a list of many of the ones that are piled—very high—on our desk (in alpha order, and there's surely more to come!):

The Magical Mini Guide to Cozy Weekends
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The Magical Mini Guide to Cozy Weekends

Whether you're in the mood for some soup-simmering, leaf-peeping, or nothing at all, your dream weekend awaits...

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    Marina van Stirum
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    Suchi Modi
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    Stephanie Pampel
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    Robert Wolf
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Marina V. October 31, 2015
Camino is my pick too!
Suchi M. August 9, 2015
I am going to be in NYC whole September and was wondering are there any cookbook launch or any chef visiting the city I can go to? Also suggest some gourmet foodie place I must visit.
Cinnamin August 9, 2015
Simply Nigella!! I know hers is more of a mass appeal but I do like her approach to home cooking. Also, she has been doing a fantastic job of promoting it on social media- for all the naysayers who say cookbooks are a dying breed.

I am also looking forward to Julia Turshen's first solo work (2016, I believe) and Cara Mangini's The Vegetable Butcher (also 2016.)
Stephanie P. August 8, 2015
American Classics Reinvented by Shauna and Danny Ahern!
Robert W. August 7, 2015
I'm waiting for: Zahav: A World of Israeli Cooking (Oct 6, 2015) by Michael Solomonov and Steven Cook
AntoniaJames August 7, 2015
Not a cookbook, per se, but a collection of essays -- Finding Yourself in the Kitchen -- by one of Food52's very first members, the extraordinary, talented Dana V.
If this seems familiar, Dana Velden has been a regular columnist for for years. ;o)
hardlikearmour August 7, 2015
Heartlandia: Heritage Recipes from Portland's the Country Cat. It comes out 9/1.
Adele August 7, 2015
Camino!!!! Cannot wait. Published by Ten Speed.