Where Should Our Editor Go in Rome?

August 20, 2015

We've been telling you our favorite spots, but now it's your turn to play tour guide. Where should Ali go in Rome?

Our Associate Editor Ali will be going to Rome for vacation and, because it's Rome, she knows there might be a thing or two worth writing about. So she wants to know (in the comments): Where should she go, eat, shop, sit, drink? Here are things of particular interest:

  • Places that are impossible to find
  • Drinks in coupes
  • Campari
  • Cheese
  • Espresso
  • Local junk food
  • Local fruits and vegetables
  • Bargains
  • Old stuff
  • Things that smell good
  • Plants
  • Places just outside of Rome

Grazie mille!

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Tamar K. October 2, 2015
Casperia in the Sabina region. Take an olive oil tour with Johnny Madge ( Your annual EVO expenditure will increase, but it worth it.
Terry T. September 28, 2015
One of the finest restaurants in all of Italy is near Termini...Agata e Romeo and just tell them I sent you...closed on Sunday
Walksofitaly August 27, 2015
We're happy to host her on a food tour. Top rated Walks of Italy provides multiple culinary tour options in Rome. Shoot us an email at [email protected] and we'll be happy to oblige.
sage August 26, 2015
Pizzeria "Dar Poeta" is life changing. go early, there will be a line of locals waiting out the door.
sage August 26, 2015
address: Via Barletta 27
sage August 26, 2015
very near the vatican there is a little bakery in a basement that you almost wouldn't see called Dolce Maniera i believe. on via barletta, near the ottaviano station. they have a pastry that looks like a crunchy seashell- called a sfogliatelle napoletana- just amazing
Leith D. August 24, 2015
Take a guided Vatican tour early in the morning to miss the crowds. We have used What A Life tours and their guides are very knowledgeable. Go to Pizzarium for some of the best pizza you've ever had. By the Trevi fountain, go to a very small restaurant called La Prosciuttoria. They have amazing cured meat/cheese platters served on wood cutting boards, and they serve amazing porchetta sandwiches. If you need a great small place to stay go to Hotel Deko Rome. It's near the Spanish steps and Marco and Serena will take care of any request. They'll become your lifelong friends too!
Pamela S. August 23, 2015
Rustic and homey spot we fall in love with three years ago: Taberna di Grecci
alme August 23, 2015
Campo dei Fiori--In addition to the farmers market, there's a great bakery featuring traditional Roman style pizza and a food shop with typical cheese/charcuterie.
dymnyno August 23, 2015
Two years ago we drove to Norcia which is about 2 hours from Rome (+-). It's a special little town in Umbria that specializes in Charcuterie. It is served at all restaurants, cafes and deli shops breakfast, lunch and for dinner. I have been to Italy many times and it is one of my all time favorite places. It is surrounded by a National Park.
Jassy August 23, 2015
Also La Cannoleria Siciliana is great for cannoli!
Jassy August 23, 2015
In the Testaccio neighborhood there is a street food type place called Trapizzino, they serve little corners of bread filled with various meat sauces and it is absolutely amazing. Via Giovanni Branca, 88.

For gelato there is fatamorgana that has several locations and very interesting flavors. Gelateria dei gracchi for traditional flavors.

Also in Testaccio is the Macro museum with a very cool bamboo structure you can climb.
michelle August 23, 2015
Da Enzo Al 29
for a beautiful and affordable meal in Trastevere !
michelle August 23, 2015
Capranica Enoteca E Taverna for a late night dinner and bottle of red :)
KT August 23, 2015
Just outside the centre (but not far from Termini) is the very up-and-coming neighborhood of Pigneto where many young, cool Romans choose to hang out. Some of the hotspots include COSO for the some of the best cocktails in town, Necci for a great outdoor aperitivo, Birra + for craft beers and Pepper Restaurant for Roman cooking with a modern twist.
Alejandro August 22, 2015
Antica Pesa for dinner, in trastevere.
PRST August 22, 2015
Spend an afternoon with my friends Giovanni and Annie from Scoteroma on a Vepsa tour. They'll take you to the best places (where the locals go....) for a coffee, gelato and whatever else you want. You'll see the city in a totally different way- just like a local. Way to much fun too......
Do not miss this experience. Plain and simple. Tell them I sent you. Tell them you love food. :) Check out the website!
Diana August 22, 2015
Le Fate in Trastevere is fantastic. The chef (Andrea) offers cooking classes, too. I did it with my mom while studying in Rome and it was an awesome experience that we are still talking about. He specializes in authentic traditional Roman dishes. The carbonara is fantastic and my barometer for all others.
Deb T. August 22, 2015
For a great, easy 1/2 day trip -- Go to Ostia Antica; 30 minute train ride and you are transported to an ancient town, abandoned when the river changed it's course. For art - Borghese Gallery and the lovely Villa grounds.
Eileen A. August 22, 2015
Vino do Spirito in Trastevere is excellent slow food, with a wine cellar that pre-dates the Colisseum, which you are allowed to explore. Trattoria die Fori Imperiali has the BEST cacio e Pepe ever. They add Tartufo. Oh boy!!