From Where We Stand: Our Weekend in Photos

August 24, 2015

A glimpse into our editors' lives: Here's how the world looks from where we stand.

This week: Peachy things and the great outdoors.


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12 ears of corn about to be charred on an open fire, and the happiest I've been in weeks. —Kenzi



I've been away every weekend in August until this past weekend—so it was nice to settle back into my Saturday morning market routine. —Caroline



Maison Premiere cocktails named after things that aren't very good at flying: a Peacock Throne and a Paper Plane. —Samantha



In Wainscott, working on our cookbook that's coming out next year. —Amanda H.



The muscle memory of cooking outside and certain dormant songs and remembering why I love camping (without actually camping). —Kristen



I made a 4-layer version of Molly Yeh's chocolate mint cake for my almost 4-year-old! —Lindsay-Jean

What did you get up to this weekend? Tell us in the comments.

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    Caroline Lange
Writing and cooking in Brooklyn.


AntoniaJames August 25, 2015
From the Santa Monica farmers’ market: green beans used for Genius Recipe haricots verts: and tomatoes enjoyed by tiki lamp outside our Venice Airbnb bungalow:
And a quick swim at a pretty, secluded beach south of Santa Barbara, on the way back:
Regine August 24, 2015
Where is the recipe? I only see the picture of the bread.
Caroline L. August 24, 2015
hi regine—do you mean molly yeh's cake? you can find it here, on her great blog!
Meghan August 24, 2015
Amanda - what cookbook is this?!