Our Recent Favorite Recipes from the Test Kitchen

August 29, 2015

Every Monday and Wednesday, we announce a new Wildcard Winner. It's a recipe that may not have won—or even been entered in—a contest, but that we know, love, and can't keep to ourselves. Here are our recent favorites.

Grilled Eggplant Agrodolce with Mint and Fresno Pepper by Sarah | strawberryplum

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S'mores Croissants by sugarmountaintreats


Simple Summer Pork Chops with Balsamic-Pepper Plum Reduction and Fresh Thyme by kerrylow


Spaghetti alla Sylvia Thompson by luvcookbooks

Top two photos by James Ransom; bottom two photos by Alpha Smoot

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  • Kingfishercooks
  • Smaug
I eat everything.


Kingfishercooks August 31, 2015
Bah humbug!!! This is a joyous site. People are happy, sharing, and delighting in food. Love it!
Smaug August 29, 2015
Spaghettiless spaghetti, tube shaped croissants, key limeless key lime pies- I get the impression that people are using well known names for dishes as a marketing tool for other dishes. We are not corporations, we do not need to do this.