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A Podcast That Will Change Your Mind About Cashew Cheese + a Giveaway!

September 23, 2015

Tune in for our episode all about that vegan life. (Want to catch up? Listen to our past episodes here.) 

Today we talk to Food52 contributor and author of our forthcoming cookbook Gena Hamshaw all about veganism: her favorite dishes, what you should never try to make vegan, and why our Managing Editor Kenzi should give cashew cheese another go.

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And we're giving away her book! If you pre-order through the shop, you'll be entered to win an additional 3 copies of Food52 Vegan to hand out to family and friends. Bonus points if you catch what we rename the cookbook during the episode. (Update: The period to enter has now closed. Congrats to Dana Rebarchick!)

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Tell us about your thoughts on vegan cooking—or for them—in the comments or by tweeting with the hashtag #f52podcast. 

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The Food52 Vegan Cookbook is here! With this book from Gena Hamshaw, anyone can learn how to eat more plants (and along the way, how to cook with and love cashew cheese, tofu, and nutritional yeast).

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AntoniaJames September 23, 2015
How can the giveaway drawing be over already when you just posted this 43 minutes ago? ;o)
Juliann D. September 8, 2015
Im in withdrawal. I binge listened to all of the podcasts on the megabus from Philly to D.C., and then on the way back from Union Station to 30th street. I need more!
mujisan August 27, 2015
I just want to say that I've started listening to the podcast a couple of weeks ago, and now it's a favorite of mine. The topics are interesting and the hosts are very engaging. So, thank you!
Kenzi W. August 28, 2015
So glad to hear it! Thanks for listening.