The52 Share Their Ideal Meals (We Run to Recreate Them)

August 31, 2015

Last month, The52 shared their greatest sources for inspiration. This week we share with you their ideal meal.

We, of all people, understand that a favorite food is personal. Members of our team have professed adoration of chopped black olive and mayonnaise sandwiches, anything with garlic hot sauce, and even oyster crackers with horseradish (we're lookin' at you, Amanda Hesser). When we asked The52 of their "last meal" (in a purely over-indulgent, non-morbid sense), their answers evoked a meal worthy of Babette, with champagne! crab legs! and lemon bars! Here are the drinks, snacks, and dishes members of The52 crave over any other: 

One Thing Only

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Mac and cheese. — Molly Yeh (who also named all fifteen of her chickens macaroni)

Crab legs. — Jamie Lothridge 

Paté. — Teri Lyn Fisher

Sage and butternut squash ravioli. — Victoria Smith

Sourdough bread with the miso-tahini spread from Angelica Kitchen. — Alison Zavos


A Thoughtful Meal

Greek summer salad with hummus and flat bread. — Amanda Jane Jones

Cheeseburgerfries, and a milkshake. — Ashley Rodriguez

Fried chicken and lemon bars. — Rachel Adams and Lucy Hewett

Poilâne sourdough with super yellow butter and my grandmother's arroz con leche. — Aran Goyoaga

Raw oysters, grilled octopus, and Haribo gummies (in that order, not all at once). — Beth Kirby

Grilled, breadcrumb-stuffed tomatoes on toasted, garlic-rubbed bread, a glass of really dry Champagne, three fresh and perfect apricots, and a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream. — Luisa Weiss

Artichokes with mustard vinaigrette, corn on the cob, a cheese plate, rosé, and blueberry pie with vanilla ice cream. — Louisa Shafia

Marcella Hazan's bolognese with tagliatelle or a tomato sandwich in peak season, with Hellman's. — Jenny Rosenstrach


Everything But the Kitchen Sink

Waffle House cheese n' eggs, hashbrowns smothered and covered, and a chocolate chip waffle. Chased with a Bojangle's Cajun chicken biscuit.  And maybe also a pizza. — Cynthia C.

Meatballs with ricotta and garlic bread from Jon & Vinny’s. Avocado toast. Fresh figs with olive oil, mint, sea salt, and ice cream. Buh bye. — Lily Diamond

Rice, kimchi, an old fashioned doughnutfrench fries, fried cheese curds, and soft pretzels. — Jenny Park

What's your ideal food or meal? Tell us in the comments below! 

Photo of macaroni and cheese and zucchini by Mark Weinberg; all others by James Ransom

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I eat everything.

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Kingfishercooks August 31, 2015
My ideal meal is a table set with objects from our travels, and 6 friends around the table eating David Chang's Bo ssam. We have had it at Momofuku but have enjoyed it more at our own place, with music that drives the mood and compliments the laughter. Hands down how we want to enjoy life. Our last meal for sure!