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KatieQ Shares a Trick for Making Quick Preserved Lemons

September 10, 2015

KatieQ inspires us to make a version of preserved lemons—without the wait. 

It is hard to wait for pickles. The craving—or the bumper crop of cucumbers or beans or chiles—hits suddenly, and the span between the idea and the pickles seems to stretch and stretch. So thank goodness for quick-pickling, which we've embraced for adding speedy brininess to slivers of cucumber or jalapeño or green onion. But quick-pickling works for larger preserving projects as well! Start a batch of these quick "preserved" lemons (a recipe adapted from one of Mark Bittman's) as KatieQ shows us. They'll sate the pickle craving until a batch of slow-preserved lemons is ready.

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