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6 Great Gifts That Are Even Better Wrapped in a Tea Towel

September 22, 2015

Next time you get invited to a dinner party, one-up everyone by wrapping your thank-you gift in a linen tea towel.

new books, all wrapped up

Did you hear the big news? Our brand new (and very balanced) pair of cookbooks, Vegan and Baking, hit shelves today! (Shop for the signed copies here.) To celebrate the occasion, we're offering both new titles and Genius Recipes all ready-wrapped for gifting in linen tea towels from Studiopatró. (Shop the wrapped versions here!)

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genius wrapped

We loved the idea so much (and are so hopelessly smitten with all the tea towels made by Christina Weber at Studiopatró), that we though you might want to apply the strategy to a few other gifts. Here's how we wrapped up a pie, a little plant, and a bottle of wine in tea towels, so they go from being sweet little somethings to gifts that will be used and loved over time. Plus, there's no waste from wrapping paper. 

Pie! Bake or buy a seasonally appropriate pie, set it on the tea towel, and wrap it up by tying together opposite ends of the towel like you would a kitchen trash bag. As a bonus, this wrapping doubles as a handle for toting the pie. 

wrapped pie  wrapped pie  wrapped pie


Potted plant! Hopefully your thyme plant looks a little more robust than ours (let's call it a "Charlie Brown herb")—but that's nothing a little tea towel sweater can't make better. 

wrapped flower pot  wrapped flower pot  wrapped flower pot

wrapped plant  wrapped plant  wrapped plant


Bottle of wine! Roll it up in the tea towel, then fold down the top to create a cozy little collar. Who says this isn't a fashion website? 

bottle of wine  wrapped bottle of wine  wrapped bottle of wine 

wine bottle wrapped  wine bottle wrapped  wine bottle wrapped

What are your favorite ways to gift wrap? Let us know in the comments! 

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Written by: Amanda Sims

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Robert A. June 12, 2019
I have used Tea Towels to wrap my homemade canned chutneys and sauces for years. Everyone has always loved the presentation & the multiuse gift. It has become a tradition that my friends and family look forward to receiving. Some even say it's the only time that they get new tea towels.
Lazyretirementgirl November 29, 2015
Ahem, isn't that Charlie Brown Rosemary!?
kitkat September 22, 2015
So cute! Do you have more detailed tutorials for wrapping the potted plant and the wine bottle? Also, I don't think I see 6 gift ideas I missing something?
Amanda S. September 22, 2015
Pie, plant, wine, Genius Recipes, and our two new cookbooks Vegan and Baking!
kitkat September 22, 2015
oh, duh - I missed Genius Recipes!