How to Keep Your Green Thumb Shining, Sun or No Sun

December  4, 2017
Photo by Julia Gartland

There's no bad time for upping your garden game—no matter whether it's too hot, cold, dry, or wet outside. The botanically minded among us may despair at uncooperative weather, but those fears are unfounded: Our garden collection features an abundance of options for indoor gardening, enough to keep the chlorophyll flowing all year round.

One of our fave items is Modern Sprout's Biodome, the mother of all terrariums. This little world-in-a-jar is designed for ease of watering and an airflow that allows for the cultivation of nearly any kind of plant. That means everything from ferns and mosses to succulents and perennials. And with its beautifully wrought marble or concrete base and handblown glass, it's not just a home for greenery—it's also an art piece.

If a full-on Biodome feels like a big step, ease into the world of terrariums with a smaller moss terrarium (featuring the option of a cute lil patch of starter moss). You can also help them tackle more practical home gardening projects with LED planters for growing flowers or herbs indoors—perfect for fresh ingredients during the long, cold months when they're hard to come by, or for growing plants not suited to your local clime. You can even keep it simple and pretty with a lovely porcelain planter or brass plant mister. However you choose to keep those green thumbs shining, there's nothing the vagaries of the weather can do about it.

How does your garden grow when it's not so nice outside? Let us know below!

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Gerard Coletta

Written by: Gerard Coletta