32 Gifts for Anyone Who Really Got Into Plants This Year

Plant parenthood is hard, these gift ideas can help.

December  9, 2021
Photo by Tim Morrish

An all-too-relatable cartoon popped up on my Instagram feed recently, showing someone stepping into a friend's apartment for the first time post (mid?)-pandemic, stunned at the sight of houseplants that have taken over the whole place. Sound familiar?

If this has happened to you, or if it just seems like everyone in your social circle is a proud new plant parent lately, this is the only holiday gift guide you need this year. For the devoted houseplant hobbyist both new and expert alike, here are 32 thoughtful gifts—spanning every budget—to show that you care about their leafy green babies just as much as they do.

Photo by Interior Define

1. Katherine George Yves Botanical Wall Art, $145+

If their space is dominated by greenery, a bit of Yves Klein blue is a great contrast and punch of color. This print comes in three sizes, and with four frame styles to choose from, to complement any space.

Photo by Bloomscape

2. Bloomscape Tabletop Norfolk Pine, $69 $53

This little Norfolk pine is like an itty-bitty Christmas tree, but one that lasts beyond the holidays and doesn’t shed either. It’s a unique gift for any plant parent who might already have a collection of greenery, or wants to start their own.

Photo by RedBubble

3. Barkmae Hanging Pothos Plant Sticker, $2.57

These pothos stickers are fun little stocking stuffers, and would show off their plant parenthood anywhere they place it—their water bottle, laptop, phone, you name it. The seller has a monstera version, too, for fans of the tropical plant.

Photo by Nordstrom

4. Sunday Citizen Bali Throw Blanket, $160

Homebodies who love being surrounded by their green babies will love this bouclé throw blanket with an all-over palm pattern. It’s equal parts cozy and useful, and there are two neutral shades to choose from. (Yes, we’re calling green a neutral here because, plants.)

Photo by The Citizenry

5. Oaxaca .01 Print By Andrew Shepherd, $395+

Cacti aren’t the most practical plants as they need tons of sunlight and can be unsafe for those with young kids or pets. This limited-edition print of Oaxacan scenery is the perfect compromise: sure to cure any plant woes and wanderlust, too.

Photo by Amazon

6. Wild Creations by Hilton Carter, $16.62

They’ll find nothing but swoon-worthy inspiration and how-to instructions for styling a plant-filled home in Hilton Carter’s latest book.

Photo by Uncommon Goods

7. Budding Artistry Flower Arranging Class with Nsombi Woodson, $25+

If they’re looking to expand their plant skills, try gifting an online flower arranging class. They’ll learn how to turn greenery (plucked from their fave plants, of course) and fresh flowers into works of art they can display around their space.

Photo by Otherland

8. Otherland Tomato Terrazzo, $36

With notes of ripe heirloom tomatoes, celery salt, and leafy vines, this will take indoor and outdoor gardeners alike back to the sweet days of summer.

Photo by Anthropologie

9. Haws Copper Plant Mister, $38

We’ve never met a plant enthusiast who wasn’t obsessed with their mister. This pretty copper pick has the perfect balance of style and utility, providing a gentle mist to your fave plant babies.

Photo by Terrain

10. Terrain Plant Watering System, $36

Just fill the bulb with water and stick it into soil. It works with the plant’s moisture level to distribute water as needed, making watering a no-brainer.

Photo by Greendigs

11. Greendigs Plant Grooming Kit, $54.99

This three-piece kit comes with pruning shears, a dust cloth for gentle leaf wiping, and a mini dirt broom for keeping their leafy greenery—and its surrounding space—looking their best.

Photo by Field + Supply

12. M+A NYC Willa Watering Can, $110

Our one watering-can-as-a-holiday-gift rule? Go big or go home. Gift them a statement piece that they’ll love to show off as much as their monstera.

Photo by Amazon

13. The New Plant Parent by Darryl Cheng, $17.39

For the readers on your life, this guide is likened to Google for modern plant care in book form. Even the most seasoned plant parents will find lots to take away from its pages.

Photo by Burke Decor

14. Burke Decor Nappula Plant Pot, $75

A gorgeous planter gives their pride and joy a beautiful home. The goblet shape goes with any interior style, and comes in two sizes and two earthy colors.

Photo by Rooted

15. Rooted Monthly Plant Subscription, $54 for a 3-month subscription

Known for its TLC deliveries, healthy houseplants, and reliable customer service, Rooted’s new subscription boxes are the perfect monthly pick-me-up. Choose a subscription based on the types of plants they love, customize the duration, and make it pet-friendly if needed.

Photo by Uncommon Goods

16. Aimee Furnival Plant Hanging Animals, $22.50

Delight is in the details. These teeny brass stem clingers—including lizards, orangutans, and sloths—make perfect stocking stuffers.

Photo by Wayfair

17. AllModern Sia Ceramic Table Vase, $67.00

A minimalist yet decorative vase like this might be just the thing they’re looking for to zhuzh up their artistic plant shelfies.

Photo by Amazon

18. Levoit 4L Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier, $39.99

Adding extra humidity in the air during the cold, dry months of winter is good for their plants—but also good for humans, too.

Photo by Free People

19. Sculpd Pottery Kit, $65

For the makers, this clay pottery kit contains everything they’ll need to create their own unique planters or artistic vases.

Photo by Bloomscape

20. Bloomscape Plant Sticks (Set of Three), $40

These tiny-but-mighty brass sticks are super sturdy and can support plants as they grow.

Photo by Soltech Solutions

21. Soltech Solutions Aspect LED Growlight, $150+

Winter’s long. Keep their plants happy and healthy with this minimal, sunshine-mimicking LED grow light, which comes with everything they need to hang it up as soon as they unwrap it.

Photo by Pistils Nursery

22. Pistils Nursery Kokedama Kit, $22

DIYers who love creating living works of art will appreciate this kokedama kit from the artists at Pistils Nursery. Fun to make, beautiful to display, and easy to care for, “kokedama” means “moss ball” in Japanese and is an old bonsai tradition of shaping a plant’s roots into a ball with moss and clay.

Photo by Julia Gartland

23. Areaware Stacked Porcelain Planters, $32+

These ceramic planters come in three sizes and two colors to complement any space. Besides the fun shape, the brilliance of their design is in the planter-and-saucer combo and built-in drainage.

Photo by Purple Carrot

24. Purple Carrot Meal Delivery Gift Card, $71.94+

Hook them up with easy-to-make dishes from Purple Carrot, a deliciously pro-plant meal kit subscription. Choose from a menu of meals to last a week or if you’re feeling generous, a month.

Photo by Etsy

25. Daphne’s Botanicals Color Change Moisture Indicator, $10+

These biodegradable moisture indicators change colors from vibrant green when the plant's soil is wet to white when it’s time for some H2O, helpfully preventing over- or underwatering. Think of it as a mood ring for their plants.

Photo by Yield

26. Yield Originals Entenza Candle, $12+

Fresh, crisp notes of eucalyptus, rosemary, and birch—aromas of California’s coastal environment—will complement their indoor green scheme. They’ll save the double-walled glass container for their air plants later.

Photo by Amazon

27. Galison Houseplant Jungle 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle, $16.99

If they love board games and puzzles, this botanical-inspired 1,000-piece puzzle is a must. The real skill, though, is how many of these plants they can name without looking at the list.

Photo by Julia Gartland

28. Modern Sprout Tapered Tumbler Grow Kit (Set of 2), $50

Level up their indoor garden game with a hydroponic planter, a growing system that just relies on water. Choose between mint and basil for fresh herbs at the ready, or lavender and eucalyptus for a little extra calm.

Photo by Greendigs

29. Greendigs Modern Stone Propagation Set, $40

Propagation stations are the new wall galleries. Even cooler, these test tubes magnetically attach for easy water changes.

Photo by Rocky Luten

30. Steele Canvas Basket Corp Canvas Utility Tote, $84

For all the plants in their care, they’re going to need a place to keep their tools and supplies. This durable timeless tote will carry it all—yes, even a bag of potting soil.

Photo by The Sill

31. The Sill Mini Preserved Living Wall, $215

A green gift that requires zero-maintenance? This “living wall”—a handcrafted combination of real, preserved moss and ferns that’s ready to hang—is the kind of modern art that speaks their language.

Photo by West Elm

32. Gabrielle Silverlight Dash Pot, $85

This 1980s-inspired handcrafted planter is a whole vibe—and the main character of that shelfie they’ll inevitably post (with a credit back to you).

What hobbies did you take up this year? Let us know below!

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