31 Perfect Gifts for Your Favorite Plant Lover

Gardening kits! Tote bags! Tiny succulent holders!

September 26, 2019
Photo by Rocky Luten

There are people who love plants and people who love plants. The former will put a houseplant or two on their Christmas list; the latter will capture every shimmy of their telegraph plant on time-lapse; think nothing of having 100 plants in a studio apartment; and skip Thanksgiving because who leaves their Fiddle Leaf Fig alone for a minute?!

They are also known to fill their homes with plant and garden-themed objects and ephemera. As such, they’re the easiest, and the most fun, to shop for. Not unlike cat ladies. (Cat mamas will be thrilled with anything with unnecessary whiskers on it.)

And because it’s so much fun, we’ve gone and done some of the work for you. So, whether you’re shopping for a plantfluencer with a thriving collection of greenery, or a first-time plant owner, here are 31 gift ideas any plant mom (or dad) is guaranteed to love.

1. Grow-Anywhere Herb Growbar, $99 (Food52)

This wall-mountable growbar comes with its own LED light and built-in timer, so your rosemary and thyme are never short of what they need to thrive.

Photo by Julia Gartland

2. Agrarian Tool Basket, $39.95(Williams Sonoma)

We love a clever organizer, and when it’s as good looking as this, we love it some more. Plus, rattan with canvas is such an irresistible combo.

3.Taxonomy Fruits Poster, $40 (Pop Chart Lab)

This whimsical chart is part-art and part guide to over 300 varieties of fruits and vegetables. So you know your Mangosteens from your Durian.

4.Vintage Botanical Tote Bag, $24.99 (Society6)

Made for farmers market runs, and grocery runs, and park runs…you get the idea.

Photo by Society6

5. Plant parent club subscription, $39 (The Sill)

Nothing like having a passion, and then having people to share it with. The Sill's plant parent club is for all levels of plant enthusiasts, and it throws in discounts as well as early access to new products and special events.

6. Tulum Succulent Dip Bowls, $31.95 (Williams Sonoma)

We think these succulent dip bowls are the perfect receptacle for this creamy, savory, and unpretentious garlic dip.

7. Brass & Glass Mister, $30 (Food52)

A glass and brass mister that will age beautifully, just like all the plants that get the timely hydration they need.

Photo by Ty Mecham

8. Ceramic Wallscape Planter, $19 (West Elm)

Mix and match these easy-to-hang ceramic planters to transform greenery into works of art.

9. Faux Travelers Palm Plant, $75 (Amazon)

Plant lovers can have brown thumbs, too, and there is no shame in substituting with faux foliage. (The best plant lovers never judge.)

10. Graf Lantz Monstera Trivet, $34 (Food52)

Who doesn’t love a Monstera plant? These felt trivets come in three growth stages and are water resistant, stain resistant, and heat protective.

Photo by Ty Mecham

11. Plant Mom T-Shirt, $19 (Etsy)

Nothing says proud plant mom like a T-shirt that says so.

12. Plant Dad Coffee mug, $12 (Amazon)

We see you, too, plant dads. And we celebrate you.

13. Botanical Print, $98 (Uncommon Goods)

This is one of many prints made from painstakingly preserved plant specimens. Our favorite is this pink, willowy Fireweed.

Photo by Uncommon Goods

14. Flower box delivery, Starting at $39.99 (Bloomsy)

I don’t know about you but picking fresh flowers can be so confusing. So why not have someone else pick them for you, and send them over each month (no reminders needed)?

15. Leaf pie crust cutter, $9.99 (Williams Sonoma)

Make a pie but make the crust leaf-latticed.

16. Nourishing Air Plant Spray, $15 (Uncommon Goods)

Fact: Air plants can't survive on air alone. This organic spray feeds them so they can grow.

Photo by Uncommon Goods

17. Costa Farms Fiddle Leaf Fig, $39.99 (Amazon)

Did you know you can buy live plants on Amazon? You can.

18. Green thumb Pencil set, $6 (Wit & Whistle)

When all you need is a stocking filler, this quirky pencil set will strike all the right notes.

19. Urban Jungle: Living and Styling with Plants, $20 (Amazon)

This beautifully styled book is a gold mine of plant-styling tips, as well as tricks and techniques that’ll have your foliage flourishing in no time.

Photo by Amazon

20. Ultimate garden tool set, $300 (Williams Sonoma)

English food writer and avid gardener (and daughter of Terence Conran) Sophie Conran created these beautiful handcrafted tools for use in her own garden.

21. Plant Enamel Lapel Pin, $10.19 (Etsy)

One in a series of trendy plant-inspired enamel pins—for when you want to proudly wear your passion on your shirt, or purse.

Photo by Etsy

22. The Drunken Botanist, $10.82 (Amazon)

Cocktail recipes and gardening tips might seem like strange bedfellows. This book will prove that wrong.

23. Plant hoarder journal, $7.99 (Amazon)

One side of this journal's pages is for plant data and care notes. The opposite side is for a sketch, photo, plant tag or additional notes.

24. The Hadron Watering Can, $210 (Food52)

A watering can? A sculpture? Beautiful enough to display proudly on a sill.

Photo by Julia Gartland

25. Calhoun & Co. Plants! Throw Blanket, $108 (Urban Outfitters0

A cozy woven throw blanket so you can wrap yourself in greenery.

26. Myospark Plant whisperer keychain, $13.88 (Amazon)

Another small but nifty gift, for friends who love terrariums, succulents, flowerbeds, vegetable gardens, and every other version of living greenery.

27. Mini magnet succulent holder, $9.99 (The Container Store)

Magnets that do double duty as mini plant holders. Designed to hold your tiniest succulents, air plants, or cactus.

Photo by The Container Store

28. State flower tapestry, $39 (Urban Outfitters)

Inspired by vintage Americana, this tapestry features a map of the USA with every state flower embroidered along its edges.

29. Tobacco Leaf Paper Napkins, $10 (Sur La Table)

Tobacco leaf-printed guest napkins for a splash of special. Also, which plant lover wouldn’t appreciate an environmentally friendly, biodegradable, chemical-free product?

30. Barebones Garden Scissors, $22 (Food52)

Inspired by bonsai shears, these garden scissors were designed to fit comfortably in your hand. Plus, its good looks will make everyone in your gardening club very jealous.

Photo by Bobbi Lin

31. Pikaplant Jar, $66.12 (Pikaplant)

A "bottle garden" that you never need to water, aka, will never kill. (Dreams do come true.) All of the water inside a jar's ecosphere remains inside, and the plants continuously recycle the water and air that they have. All you have to do is give it a nice place to live.

What is your favorite gift to give a plant lover? Let us know below!

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