A New Not Sad Desk Lunch, Plus a Crazy Replacement for Chopped Herbs

September 21, 2015

A lunch that breathes new life into leftovers—and you can throw it together in just a few minutes.   

To make this at home, just toss together corn, crumbled bacon, and chopped up arugula. Then season with olive oil, lime juice, and a little salt and pepper. And don't worry too much about the exact amounts—this lunch has plenty of room for error! 


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  • Amanda Hesser
    Amanda Hesser
Still struggling to learn to share the kitchen.


AntoniaJames September 21, 2015
May I suggest that you toss the oil in first and then the lime juice? The oil will run off the leaves if they are wet with lime juice. ;o) P.S. I really like that gravity pour spout on your oil cruet. When is Food52 going to start selling them? They're so handy, as well you know! (Maybe you do sell them. I did a search for "spout" in the shop and didn't see any.)
charliebarlie September 21, 2015
Could you make this the night before or would the salad wilt? I've got all of the ingredients coincidentally so I'm really excited to make this:)
Amanda H. September 21, 2015
Yes, you can -- I'd hold off adding the arugula until morning, but otherwise, it should hold up well!