Pizza Rat is Just the Beginning

September 21, 2015

Introducing the next #pizzarat.


Watching the video of a rat carrying its found pizza through a New York subway station that cropped up on YouTube today produced a host of visceral reactions in the office: gags, nausea, admiration, disgust, amazement, and empathy. The rat may be a hero for some people—look at that determination!—but there’s no doubt that slice of pizza is sad. 

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If you can’t stop watching the rat and his pizza, you need to follow @saddestfoodofnyc on Instagram. Its moderator has culled sad, sad—and, okay, funny—examples of the food of our city. None of it is staged. (But, disclaimer, said moderator may be an employee at this company.)

Here's a (potentially many-day-old, moldy) taste:


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Chef D. November 25, 2015
i remember seeing that on reddit a while back, was funny seeing that rat drag a pizza away :)
Rebecca F. September 25, 2015
This is the greatest thing ever. I'm going to be Pizza Rat for Halloween!
mrslarkin September 22, 2015
That's one of my fave ig accounts!
boulangere September 21, 2015
The beginning of what, for crying out loud?! More of the same? Please, no!