All the Comments Ever on Your Special Diet

September 24, 2015

Whether you have a special diet by choice or due to a food allergy or intolerance, someone has had something to say about what you eat—or rather, what you don't.

“Bacon doesn't count, right?”

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“Aren't you worried about getting enough protein?” 

“Oh, your poor family. Do you cook meat for them?” 

“But those animals are raised to be killed!” 

“Too bad you can't have any of this. It's so good. Really, really good.” 

“It's just got a little bit of chicken stock in it—that's okay, right?”

“Do you hate me because I eat meat?” 

“Our teeth are designed to eat meat!” 

“That's just how the food chain works.” 

“I love animals, too. On my plate!” 

“Wow, good for you. I, like, literally couldn't live without cheese.”  

“My next-door neighbor's, sister's, friend's, boss' aunt got really sick from trying to go vegan and her doctor made her start eating meat again.” 

“Do you think you're better than me?” 

“You don't know what you're missing out on!”  

“Yeah, get it. I get a stomachache when I eat ice cream, but I eat it anyway!”

“Oh yeah, that's so trendy right now.” 

“So do you miss pasta?!” 

“Ooh, I should totally try that!” 

“In my time there was no such thing as a food allergy.” 

“But really: What's the worst that could happen if you ate this slice of bread?” 

“Haven't you heard? Vegetables feel pain, too.” 

“What about mussels? They don't even have faces!” 

“So you just eat a lot of salad then, huh?”

“Well then, what do you eat?” 

Tell us: What did we miss?

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Red October 9, 2015
If you keep Kosher, you'll get lectures about how someone's college roommate/ex girlfriend/father in law/coworker was Jewish, but they ate bacon/shrimp/pork fried rice all the time and loved it, or that some Jewish person they once met told them that it was just "some rabbi's opinion" (never mind that this is a cultural norm and religious commandment that the better part of us have been following for just around, oh, thousands of years) and doesn't really matter.
kim September 28, 2015
Upon finding out you are vegetarian or vegan... they say amongst themselves, "I better not wear my fur coat around her!"
Another one is, "They are already slaughtered and will have died for nothing"!
Teresa L. September 25, 2015
"You look pale!!!"

"You're lactose intolerant? What do you eat for breakfast then?!"
Jaye September 25, 2015
Waiter returning to the table, after checking if a dish has dairy in it, "I'm sorry ma'am, but the dish has egg in it."
Mariela S. September 24, 2015
I only eat meat, fat and veggies.

My MIL is a HEAVY "vegan" who will try to convert you each time we have lunch with her... even when she eats normal cake with milk, eggs, honey. You name it.

She will harass ebery waiter demanding a full disclosure of ingredients and once she ate, after her vegan sermon, she ask for a normal desert, or a bite from your chicken wings because you caused her cravings.
Juliana September 24, 2015
To a gluten sensitive's clear inquiry if "is there any bread in the meatballs?" ...response (long list of what is and) no bread but about 1/4cups of toast crumbs.

To me "so you're a veterinarian?" And "oh we'll have fruit at the potluck".
Madeline P. September 24, 2015
hahahahahah! I'm totally rolling in giggles over here.
Tereza September 24, 2015
Being celiac the comments are endless...
Ellie D. September 24, 2015
Heard about the low fodmap diet? Personally I'm starting to think that's the worst. Don't even bother trying to eat a meal you haven't prepared. And in reply to why? Seriously, no one wants to go into the symptoms they get with IBS.