From Where We Stand: Iowa Pig Farm Edition

September 24, 2015

We've partnered with the U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance (read more here) and we'll be taking your questions to farmers and bringing you the answers in a series of videos this fall. 

Today: Our Design & Home Editor Amanda Sims and Senior Manager of Brand Experience Gabriella Mangino headed to Iowa to see some pigs and meet some farmers—and their Instagrams are making us jealous.


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Amanda and Gabriella sure aren't in New York City anymore. Hellooo, Kalona, Iowa!



They're visiting the Brenneman Pork Farm to learn more about what it's really like to be a pig farmer.


Amanda delivers a pig! 

Amanda delivered a piglet this morning! She says she's having the best day of her life.



Amanda spotted the newest piglets cozying up to their mom.

What questions would you want to ask a farmer? Leave them in the comments.

The All for Farmers Market

We’ve joined forces with Tillamook to support All For Farmers—a coalition benefiting farmers across the nation—with a special market that gives back. Featuring Shop all-stars and a limited-edition Five Two apron, a portion of proceeds from every purchase supports American Farmland Trust’s Brighter Future Fund.

The All for Farmers Market

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NotTooSweet September 25, 2015
Another Cedar Rapids Food52 lover sending my welcome to our beautiful state! The pictures are gorgeous but the real thing is even better.
Leslie S. September 25, 2015
Omg I laugh every time I look at that picture of you Amanda—look at those little piglets!!
Doug R. September 25, 2015
I'm just down the road in Des Moines, so hellooooooo Amanda! If she's got the time while she's in the area, she needs to head over to Norwalk (near Des Moines) and visit La Quercia ( And no, I'm not affiliated with them, just a happy consumer.
Bethany B. September 25, 2015
I grew up on a pig farm in Iowa, so that looks just like home!
Sabrina September 24, 2015
Just waving in your general direction from Cedar Rapids. Love this kind of stuff.
laurenlocally September 24, 2015
Love this!
Hannah W. September 24, 2015
The picture of Amanda and the piglets is making my week!