1 Minute Meal: Celebrating Ganesha's Favorite Foods

September 24, 2015

In just one minute, 1 Minute Meal takes us to a celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi in Queens, New York City.

Each year, Hindu communities all over the world take part in Ganesh Chaturthi, a multi-day festival honoring Ganesha, celebrated deity and "remover of obstacles." In New York this extended period of rituals, prayers, song, dance, and food are hosted by the Ganesha temple in Flushing, Queens.

Already loved for the everyday dishes prepared in its basement kitchen, the temple is a particularly good place to observe modaka archana, where the sweet dumplings fabled to be Ganesha's favorite food are freshly prepared and offered to the deity. Trustee Mohan Ramaswamy of the Hindu Temple Society of North America explains the significance of this ceremony, which takes place on Ganesha's birthday.

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1 Minute Meal is a micro-documentary series dedicated to capturing the many faces of New York City through the lens of food.

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Mackenzie S. September 24, 2015
Panfusine, I love the sweet and savory recipes for modak in your post, thanks for sharing!
Panfusine September 24, 2015
If anyone is interested in the recipe for Modaks.. Here it is.
Caroline L. September 24, 2015
oooh, thank you for sharing this, panfusine!