The Case of the Stolen Weetabix

September 25, 2015

No snack is safe on the Food52 editorial table.


When Sarah received a box of Weetabix in the mail (from the United Kingdom—straight from the source!), she yelped with joy. She absolutely adores this cereal, which is reminiscent of a cold, no-cook, mushier oatmeal. Shortly after the excitement started to subside, snack tragedy hit. Kenzi let Sarah down William Carlos Williams-style. The moral of the story: Hide your Weetabix.

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Here's the conversation from our company chat room:


Photo by James Ransom


amysarah September 27, 2015
i carry your weetabix (i carry it in my cereal section)<br /><br />by, t.j. cummings <br />(poetry aside, they really do)
Sarah J. September 29, 2015
Mohammed M. September 27, 2015
Wait,so do you not get Weetabix or it's imitators in the US ?
sammy September 26, 2015
hahaha sarah's plums response. so good.
Rebecca A. September 26, 2015
You can have ALL the weetabix as far as I am concerned. Disgusting!!!
Aparna M. September 25, 2015
Kenzi is riffing on Neruda - sounds like Sarah was oblivious. Eye roll.
Alix October 3, 2015
Plums in the Icebox is a William Carlos Williams poem, not Neruda.