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The Case of the Stolen Weetabix

September 25, 2015

No snack is safe on the Food52 editorial table.


When Sarah received a box of Weetabix in the mail (from the United Kingdom—straight from the source!), she yelped with joy. She absolutely adores this cereal, which is reminiscent of a cold, no-cook, mushier oatmeal. Shortly after the excitement started to subside, snack tragedy hit. Kenzi let Sarah down William Carlos Williams-style. The moral of the story: Hide your Weetabix.

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Here's the conversation from our company chat room:


Photo by James Ransom

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amysarah September 27, 2015
i carry your weetabix (i carry it in my cereal section)

by, t.j. cummings
(poetry aside, they really do)
Sarah J. September 29, 2015
Mohammed M. September 27, 2015
Wait,so do you not get Weetabix or it's imitators in the US ?
sammy September 26, 2015
hahaha sarah's plums response. so good.
Rebecca A. September 26, 2015
You can have ALL the weetabix as far as I am concerned. Disgusting!!!
Aparna M. September 25, 2015
Kenzi is riffing on Neruda - sounds like Sarah was oblivious. Eye roll.
Alix October 3, 2015
Plums in the Icebox is a William Carlos Williams poem, not Neruda.