What The52 Loves Most About Fall

October  2, 2015

Chanterelles, pumpkins, and apples abound!

Last week, the Food52 team visited Hudson, New York to go apple picking, and today, after a long and hot summer, we finally had to pull out our rain boots and scarves from the backs of our closets. Since the first few chilly days after summer—and the fact that there will be no more picnics until May—can be difficult to grasp, we asked members of The52 to remind us why we do, in fact, love this season. Here are their favorite things about fall:

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Alexandra StaffordAlexandra's Kitchen: I am excited for the apple orchards to open up, partly for the apples—but mostly for the apple cider donuts. I live in in Niskayuna, New York (near Schenectady and Albany), and I don't have to go far to find an orchard with a good country store selling hot apple cider and made-on-the-premises apple cider donuts. Many of these shops close down for the summer, so it's such a treat when they re-open for the season. 

Eva Kosmas FloresAdventures in Cooking: The morning mists come in really strong here in the Pacific Northwest, and you can see the vibrant red and orange leaves of the trees peeking through the fog. It looks so magical and mysterious, almost like something out of Grimms' Fairy Tales. The air gets really crisp and has a bit of a bite to it, too. And then the rains come and wash away all the dust from summer. The rain doesn't stop here until the end of spring, but I love it. The sound of it pattering away against the windows and roof is really soothing and makes everything feel cozier somehow—especially when there's a pumpkin sheet cake involved.

Ashley RodriguezNot Without Salt: Come fall, I'm eager to turn on the stove. The summer months are all about fresh, quick, and easy meals, but fall is suited for braises, roasts, and baking. It's when I'm eager for meals that simmer and stew (this chanterelle chowder is a favorite of mine). In Seattle, it's when the rain starts back up again and we all cozy up into our homes feeling relieved to relax, be a bit less active, and hunker down for a while.

Left: Lily Diamond's galette; right: Erin Alderson's apple pie

Lily DiamondKale & Caramel: My favorite thing about fall is that, here in Los Angeles, it offers a reprieve from summer’s intensity. In fall, I love to make this Butternut-Chanterelle Galette with foraged mushrooms, fennel, caramelized onions, and chevre. 

Erin AldersonNaturally Ella: I’m an apple picking fan—it’s always how my family kicks off the fall season. Now we head to the Sierra Foothills (primarily Apple Hill outside of Placerville, California). We make a day of it, then come home where I make pie, followed by apple butter, applesauce, and pretty much anything else I can think of. This year will be our first time taking our baby, and while he won’t quite remember it, it will be a special time for us!

Megan GordonA Sweet Spoonful: My favorite thing about fall in Seattle is the changing light and how it inspires nesting and getting cozy at home. To celebrate this, I always tend to bake more in the fall months, often with pumpkin, apples, and pears.

What are you most looking forward to this fall? Tell us in the comments below!

Top photo by Mark Weinberg; photo of wreath by James Ransom; photo of galette by Lily Diamond; photo of apple pie by Erin Alderson

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