How to Open a Bottle of Wine Without a Corkscrew

October  9, 2015

Those twist-off caps are nice, but without a corkscrew, a traditional bottle proves more difficult. 

The inkling for a glass of wine knows no geographical, astrological, or emotional bounds—at certain times and places, it's just the thing. Which leads to a problem surely everyone has encountered (one that always regales me at how unlikely it seems): Where in the world is the wine opener thingy?

Perhaps you're on a river bank or in a rental house, or even in your own home! Rather than entering into a stare down with a cork or a dangerous duel with a power drill, simply open the bottle—just like this:




Videography by Madeline Muzzi.

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    Fabio G Calzada
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    Gonul Bicici
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    kervin joel vinson
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    Amanda Sims
Amanda Sims

Written by: Amanda Sims

Professional trespasser.


Fabio G. October 15, 2015
Interesting but, 1. Do not try with sparkling wine (common sense, some will say, but alas, common sense cannot be taken for granted . . . ), 2. I cannot imagine is too good for any wine and, 3. You will be seriously thirsty at the end of all that!
Gonul B. October 9, 2015
As long as you are prepared to destroy a shoe and a part of your house of course.
kervin J. October 9, 2015
I find it better to just invest in a opener .this is to much work to get to the goods
allythomp October 9, 2015
A neat party trick indeed!
I would highly recommend having a towel inbetween your hand and the bottle as well.
My friend learned the hard way and upon the final tap, the bottle crushed in his hands which resulted in many stitches and glass being dug out of his hands in the ER!
Amanda S. October 9, 2015
Wowowow that is very good advice indeed!