Editors' Picks — Open House Dishes

December  9, 2010

Brown Sugar Caramel Corn with Fleur de Sel  Orange Cardamom Fig Newtons

Any food52 member is welcome to help us test our Editors' Pick candidates, so go call dibs on the recipe you'd like to test in the comments section below! We'd love to see some new testers in the mix. Don't forget to email us your notes (about 100 words) to [email protected] by next Tuesday at 5pm.

We'll collect your comments, decide the official list of Editors' Picks and publish your evaluation in the headnote if the recipe is selected as an Editors' Pick (with credit, of course!). And even if the recipe you test isn't chosen as an Editors' Pick, please feel free to leave your testing notes in the recipe's comments section. Constructive criticism is always encouraged!

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  • lapadia
  • emmanation
  • gingerroot
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cheese1227 December 9, 2010
I can test Cranberry and Persimmon Filled Endive with Tangy Goat Cheese Dressing if it's still available.
Food52 December 10, 2010
Great! All yours.
gingerroot December 10, 2010
Thanks for testing my recipe, cheese1227. Hope you enjoy them.
cheese1227 December 13, 2010
I LOVE your problem solving here, gingerroot: "If you find yourself with any stubborn chunks of persimmon, simply pick these out and eat them."
lastnightsdinner December 9, 2010
Thanks so much for the EP! It's always an honor, especially with so many great recipes being posted here every day.
lapadia December 9, 2010
If is ok, would like to trade and take the Tortilla Soup instead; after Thanksgiving I have the broth, turkey etc., and happen to have the peppers, dried, but I can soak them to make the slurry, should be able to find a party on Sunday!! What fun...
Food52 December 9, 2010
Yes, that's fine. That puts the Cranberry and Persimmon Filled Endive with Tangy Goat Cheese Dressing back onto the table for testing.
emmanation December 9, 2010
I just happen to have some rosemary and thyme languishing in my fridge from Thanksgiving. AND, I just happen to know for a fact that on Sunday I'll need a break from studying for finals and I'll need some delicious bread. Sounds like the Rosemary-Thyme Yeast Wreath is perfect, I'll take it!
(I PROMISE I'll get my review in on time this time. Cross my heart.)
gingerroot December 9, 2010
I'm late to the party but would love to test the Sweet Corn Arepa Pancakes, please. Thanks!
Food52 December 9, 2010
Here's what's left: Sweet Corn Arepa Pancakes, Build Your Own Tortilla Soup, Rosemary-Thyme Yeast Wreath
Stacey S. December 9, 2010
I will test out anything that is left over! Just let me know! They all sound wonderful!
TheWimpyVegetarian December 9, 2010
I would love to test the Kugelhopf, but can't do the almonds. Since it's only an external decoration, can I still test it? I understand if the answer is no.
Food52 December 9, 2010
Fine by us, ChezSuzanne. Thanks for asking!
epickles December 9, 2010
I would like to try the Sauerbraten Meatballs - should go over well with the Cincy crowd!
Sagegreen December 9, 2010
Thanks for testing my recipe. Hope you like them.
cookinginvictoria December 9, 2010
Pecan and goat cheese poppers, please!
I will do the potted pig and the feta cheese short breads....THANKS! Can't wait to be part of the testing team! Heaven knows I always have an opinion! Yay. Don't tell my kids about the potted pig, they will love it, if they don't read the recipe and instructions!. I have the juniper berries already. Jonathan Sawyer (here in Cleveland Greenhouse Tavern ) is gaining notoriety with hisPif Face!!! Off to the grocer and farmers market.
Pardon me...Pig Face is what Jonathan makes. we wait to hear from you before we get the choice?
Food52 December 9, 2010
Welcome to the testing field! We'll put you down for the Potted Pig since fiveandspice already claimed the Feta Cheese Shortbreads (but if you make the shortbreads, please do add your comments to the recipe's comments section). And feel free to email us at [email protected] with any other questions.
cheese1227 December 10, 2010
I made the potted pig yesterday and it's extremely good, IMHO. Although my friend who grew up new Dijon is coming for lunch tommorrow to give me her opinion. I will let you know what she thinks. Oh, and I am bringing it to the DC Food52 cookie exchange for even more tasters to try!
JoanG December 9, 2010
Is the Peppadew Dip availabe? I'd love to try it.
iuzzini December 9, 2010
Thanks JoanG! I hope you enjoy it!!
aargersi December 9, 2010
GRAVLAX!!! DIBS! (I already have it curing! :-)
Rivka December 9, 2010
Given that my last batch of homemade gravlax was a total bust and I'm still feeling burned, I'm eagerly awaiting your review here; I need a new go-to recipe.
lapadia December 9, 2010
Cranberry and Persimmon Filled Endive with Tangy Goat Cheese Dressing...please!
Thanks for nominating my Rosemary-Yeast Wreath, too!
MyCommunalTable December 9, 2010
Crunchy graham toffee bars, please.
Loves F. December 9, 2010
Chorizo empanadas, por favor!
Loves F. December 9, 2010
Oh man... my page didnt refresh quick enough, and this looked open still when I wrote it...
fiveandspice December 9, 2010
I would love to test the feta shortbreads please. I've been dying to try a savory shortbread recipe!
NWB December 9, 2010
I'll try the Crostini with Whipped Goat Cheese and Hot Pepper Jelly.
VanessaS December 9, 2010
I'd love to test the chorizo empanadas, please.
Midge December 9, 2010
I'd love to test the ranch-style pecans.