A (Small) Taste of Winter Food for Amanda's Kids' Lunch

October 22, 2015

I had mujaddara—a comforting rice and lentil dish—on my mind with the onset of frosty weather. But I wasn't quite ready to give in entirely to winter food, so I made my kids a salad, topped with black lentils (cooked in salted water) and stuck-pot rice, and dressed with lime juice and olive oil. The radishes are for some crunch and heat, the aged Manchego for heft. The Salted Double-Chocolate Olive Oil Cookies were baked by Josh, our new Test Kitchen Chef, and leftover from my cookbook stoop sale—my kind of leftovers. 


Photo by Amanda Hesser

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Liz October 22, 2015
This looks so good! It's great to grow up eating REAL food.
Author Comment
Amanda H. October 24, 2015
Thank you!
ChefJune October 22, 2015
That looks so good. I wish I had THAT for lunch today. :)
Author Comment
Amanda H. October 24, 2015
My new thing is to cook grains on the weekend and throw them into lunches -- easy to do! Hope you've been well, June.
ChefJune October 24, 2015
I'm good... that's a great idea.