Monkey (Ginger)Bread

December 17, 2010

Watch A&M, expert dough ball-rollers, assemble arielleclementine's lovely Monkey (Ginger)bread. Never have these two channeled their doppelgangers on SNL's Delicious Dish quite so directly.

This week's videos were once again shot and edited by filmmaker Elena Parker. For more holiday breakfast inspiration, go here.

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The Magical Mini Guide to Cozy Weekends

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kary December 19, 2010
This bread is totally cool. As I was watching you roll the balls in brown sugar, I thought about something I tried a bit ago. I was making a cake that was supposed to be put in a pan that had brown sugar on the sides and bottom. So it would form kind of a crust as it baked. I couldn't get the brown sugar to stick to my buttered pan. But I had some turbinado sugar so I used that. And it worked perfectly. Made a nice sugar crust on the cake.

I wonder if the turbinado sugar would be easier to work with for this? Although not as rich as yours with the brown sugar maybe.

I'll definitely be making this.
LimeCake December 18, 2010
That was hilarious! Thanks, @mtrelaun!
mtrelaun December 18, 2010
Pete Schweddy! The best episode of Delicious Dish ever:
Amanda H. December 18, 2010
arielleclementine December 17, 2010
this is the most fun ever! thank you so much!