20 Stocking Stuffers for Everyone on Your List

It's what's on the inside that counts—especially when it comes to those hung on the chimney with care. This holiday season, surprise your friends and family with a tiny present (or several!) they can use beyond the holidays—just because they're small doesn't mean they can't be special.

Stocking Stuffers

Here are 20 stocking stuffers that will make you or "Santa" the best gift-giver in town: 

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1. Coast Coasters

Coast Coasters Silo  Coast Coasters Context
The perfect gift to toast to a host—or coast(!), and maybe start a heated debate (we all have our allegiances—guess where ours is!). 

2. Foodie & Cocktail Dice

Foodie & Cocktail Dice Silo  Foodie & Cocktail Dice Context
Make a game of cooking and cocktail devising by shaking up these dice and letting them roll—there's a side for alcohol, mixer, and garnish options so you never know what you'll end up making (but you may not care after the fifth roll...).

3. Pouch in Rain Print

Pouch in Rain Print Silo  Pouch in Rain Print Context
This essential pouch is the perfect place for any small items that need organizing. As for us? We'll be gifting it to friends to make sure they don't let their cold weather gear (Chapstick, hat, and gloves!) go missing!

4. Organic Lavender Linen Sachets

Organic Lavender Linen Sachets Silo  Organic Lavender Linen Sachets ContextStockings feel a little fancier when they're scented of lavender—plus it makes for a calming Christmas morning (or so we've heard).

5. Drink Stirrers

Drink Stirrers Silo  Drink Stirrers Context
For the party animal in your life—give them the gift of a drink they'll go wild over (or just a simple solution to the question, "Wait, is that my drink?").

6. Leather Mason Jar Mug Sleeves

Leather Mason Jar Mug Sleeves Silo  Leather Mason Jar Mug Sleeves ContextEveryone has mason jars. Make someone's prettier.

7. "This is Just To Say" Tea Towel

"This is Just To Say" Tea Towel Silo  "This is Just To Say" Tea Towel Context
This is for anyone in your life who snacks on plums—or anyone who loves the simplicity of great poetry (so, everyone). 

8. Carry-On Cocktail Kit with Spice Travel Nuts

Carry-On Cocktail Kit Silo  Carry-On Cocktail Kit Context
For friends traveling from near and far to get to you—give them something to look forward to on their flight home, like an Old Fashioned, Gin and Tonic, or a Moscow Mule at 30,000 feet. 

9. Insulated Travel Thermos

Insulated Travel Thermoses Silo  Insulated Travel Thermos ContextHydrate and caffeinate in style.  

10. Bodacious Bacon Beer Brittle

Bodacious Bacon Beer Brittle Silo  Bodacious Bacon Beer Brittle Context 

A stocking isn't complete without a bit of candy. (Is anything complete without candy?)

11. Large Concentric Soap Dish

Large Concentric Soap Dish Silo  Large Concentric Soap Dish Context
For the cleanest of your friends and family—give them an oft over-looked gift that they'll use every day.

12. Herb Garden Jar Planter

Herb Garden Jar Planter Silo  Herb Garden Jar Planter ContextThese self-watering kits in adorable jars are the most stylish, low-touch, way to grow herbs. The herbivore in your life will thank you.

13. Citrus Kitchen Soap

Citrus Kitchen Soap Silo  Citrus Kitchen Soap Context
A long-lasting soap with an intoxicatingly sweet scent (P.S., it goes perfectly with Number 11). 

14. Pan Brush

Pan Brush Silo  Pan Brush Context
Who says brushes don't make great gifts? Help a friend out and make scrubbing less of a chore—or give it as a sign of gratitude when you leave their holiday party before the dish washing starts.

15. Blue Striped Bee's Wrap

Blue Striped Bee's Wrap Silo  Blue Striped Bee's Wrap Context
This reusable wrap keeps bread, cheese, and produce fresh without plastic, A.K.A. all the little hard-to-wrap leftovers after holiday dinners.

16. World Salt Tower

World Salt Tower Silo  World Salt Tower Context
A cook can never have too much salt in their kitchen. 

17. Luxury Essential Oil Candle

Luxury Essential Oil Candle Silo  Luxury Essential Oil Candle Context
A vacation-inspired candle is the perfect gift for someone who can't beat the snow. Or can—it smells amazing.

18. Baker's Dozen Wooden Spoons

Baker's Dozen Wooden Spoons Silo  Baker's Dozen Wooden Spoons Context
Most of our wooden spoons find their way into drawers, but we can't help but keep these out in the open to admire their carefully-carved charm.

19. Walnut Handled Sandwich Spreader

Walnut Handled Sandwich Spreader Silo  Walnut Handled Sandwich Spreader Context
For all the moms and dads (and toast-lovers) you know, this sandwich spreader is the ultimate, time-saving gift. 

20. Double-Walled Stainless Steel Mug

Double-Walled Stainless Steel Mug  Double-Walled Stainless Steel Mug Context Think your best friend has enough mugs? This one will make you think again. 

Photos by James Ransom, Bobbi Lin, Alpha Smoot, and GIF by Rocky Luten.

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