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13 Reasons Pickling Doesn't End When Summer Does

November 18, 2015

We know the spiel: The best way to keep summer around is to pickle the season's bounty! But little have we thought about how well fall produce takes to pickling, too.

The vegetables we're seeing at the market these days are hardy and oftentimes mellower in flavor, which means they're not afraid of robust pickling spices and vinegar, and will remain crunchy after lots of time in pickling liquid—so much so that we're wondering what fall produce we can't pickle. We thought potatoes, but were proved wrong. Chicories maybe?

Here's a big selection of recipes that could be on the docket the next few months (scroll over the image to see what's what, and click to see the full recipe). Think about it: If you missed pickling this summer, now's your chance! Hop to.

What do you pickle once autumn rolls around? Tell us in the comments.

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  • Canned
  • Carlanda Miller Martinez
    Carlanda Miller Martinez
  • Susan
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    Colleen Stem
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affability July 25, 2017
Blueberries pickled with apple cider vinegar and cinnamon are exquisite!
Canned December 2, 2015
Butternut squash and pumpkin!
Winifred R. December 2, 2015
Canned, would you share your recipes? Sounds interesting but I have no concept.
Carlanda M. November 22, 2015
End of the Garden relish! Loaded with green tomatoes,cabbage, onions, carrots and any of the other vegetables hanging on until the first frost. One batch or maybe two, gets a few jalapeño peppers for that sweet, hot taste.
Susan November 19, 2015
Come fall, I usually switch from insane bouts of pickling (this summer, the insanity included four kinds of fermented cucumbers, kimchi, multiple batches of sandwich dills, sweet pickles, relishes, and salsas) to jamming. Not music. Fruit. This weekend promises the long-awaited first serious frost which will bring that lag bit of flavor to the gadzillion hips hanging all over my rosa rugosa. Mmmm. Rose hip marmalade, here I come.
Colleen S. November 19, 2015
I pickle all year round. And especially during the winter months when food tends to be more rich and hearty, adding in some pickled anything helps to cut through all that richness.
Favorite things to pickle.. Beets, carrots, brussels sprout, cabbage, onions, apples… and so on.
Jennifer November 18, 2015
Pickled turnips. Add a sliced thin beet. This is a CLASSIC pickle (typically used on a felafel sandwich). So addictive.
Anna R. November 18, 2015
There are a few pickling favorites in the fall,
~Spicy fall garden veggie mix with cauliflower, carrots, onion, fennel, & peppers
~Slightly sweet pickled carrots flavored with ginger & shiso leaf
~apple butter
~Sweet & savory pickled mustard greens
~pickled red onion
~pickled beets with clove & cinnamon
Valhalla November 18, 2015
I do more preserving in fall than summer--I just prefer my summer fruits fresh and my fall fruits jammy. As for pickles, I make kimchi, pickled turnip, and Chinese pickles. I hope to do beets this year.