5 Videos That Show Off Crazy Knife Skills

November 23, 2015

If you're in charge of the chopping the onions or peeling the potatoes this Thanksgiving, you'll be a knife skills pro come Fridy morning (or you'll have run through the box of Band-Aids).

But no matter how fancy we get with our skillz, these videos are reminders that we still have a lot to learn. And remember, no matter how fun the 20-second watermelon challenge seems, don't try this at home.

Photo by James Ransom

Start practicing now and you just might have this down-pat by summertime:

If you thought peeling an apple with a power drill was risky business:

This man cuts onions faster than you:

Have you been wasting your time peeling pineapples?

This video is practically guaranteed to make you feel bad about your knife work:

This may not be the fastest mango-slicing in the world, but it is a smart way to avoid sticky hands:

Feeling motivated?

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Panfusine November 23, 2015
completely vouch for the onion chopping skills.. you see these guys in action around every semi permanent street food vendor. and the best part, the knives they use are most likely fashioned from broken hacksaw blades fitted between two pieces of bamboo and bound together with metal wire. DEADLY sharp!