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Notes to Make Your Gift Feel More Personal

November 27, 2015

Before I ever purchase a gift, I think about what I'll write to go with it. Yes, a well thought-out gift can often speak for itself, but writing something simple to go with the cocktail glasses you got for your best friend, like, "The perfect glass for your favorite drink—by the way, Negronis on me soon?" (bonus points for including a bottle of vermouth!) can go a really long way and make even an inexpensive gift worth its weight. Here are some of our favorite gifts from the Food52 Shop and the notes we imagine would pair perfectly with them—including a few I'm gifting!

French Ceramic Butter Keeper

  • Parents: You're better than butter.
  • Your Sweetie: You and I are for keeps.
  • Best Friend: We go together like bread and butter.
  • Boss: You're so much butter than other bosses.

What to gift with it: A beautiful French plus gras butter, salt to go on top of it, or a fresh baguette (or all three!).

Food52 Marble Board

  • Your Sweetie: I think you're marble-ous.
  • Boss: For Big Cheese cheese plates.

What to gift with it: Cheeses (of course) or homemade cookie or pie dough for them to roll out on it.

Signed Genius Recipes

  • Parents: You're brilliant—and these are Genius.
  • Your Sweetie: Let's stay in and cook this weekend. Date night in?

What to gift with it: A bag of Genius granola to last them until they're able to make a batch of their own!

Wine Pearls (Set of 4)

  • Boss: Cheers to a wonderful year. Now go relax!
  • Best Friend: Consider this an open invitation to come have wine with me this week—it's on me!

What to gift with it: A bottle of wine—what else?

Pewter Measuring Spoons

  • Best Friend: Measure for measure, you're always there for me.
  • Your Sweetie: Measure your life in love (and tiny spoons). OR Let's spoon—you be the little spoon.

What to gift with it: Homemade cookie dough with the recipe attached to give them inspiration!

Gravy Boat

  • Best Friend: Mashed potatoes are good, but you're gravy. OR We go together like gravy and mashed potatoes.
  • Parents: Because I'll be home every holiday—especially those involving gravy (and turkey). OR The gravy didn't fall far from the mashed potatoes.

What to gift with it: A jar of homemade chicken or vegetable stock for their gravy-makin'.

Reclaimed Knife Grabber

  • Boss: For the sharpest boss around.
  • Your Sweetie: I'm sticking with you!

What to gift with it: A small, decorative bottle opener to stick to it.

Gochujang Sriracha (2 Pack)

  • Your Sweetie: Twice the spice is always nice.
  • Best Friend: Two hot jars is always better than one (obviously I'm talking about us).

What to gift with it: A "coupon" for an invitation to come over for tacos.

What will you be gifting this year? Can you think of other notes that would go with these? Tell us in the comments below!

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