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Merrill's Kitchen Tour

October  6, 2009


Since we did a video tour of Amanda's kitchen, I thought I'd put together a slide show of mine. Here I've included some of my favorite cooking and serving items, along with a recipe for Coconut Rice Pudding with Ginger Lemongrass Syrup that would be perfect served in the Roseware glasses my mother gave me (pictured at the end of the slideshow).

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Jo H. October 11, 2009
Lovely kitchen with meaningful and useful things.
I have been using Le Creuset pots, gratin dishes, etc. religiously for all of my nearly 40 year marriage. When they become stained just fill with water and add a few drops of bleach. Leave them to soak for a little while. They'll look as good as new. This advice came directly from the Le Creuset people many years ago.
mrslarkin October 11, 2009
Thanks for the sneak peak! luv the cheese house! I'd need 20 of those...husband has a cheese addiction. (Have you done a cheese contest?) How do you like baking with your Viking oven? Is it gas or electric?
Lizthechef October 11, 2009
Slide show is working wonderfully now - thank you for sharing your kitchen. Very generous of both you and Amanda...
The I. October 11, 2009
Okay, I have to ask - have you ever used your Le Creuset pot? It looks brand new! The reason I'm asking is that I use mine all the time and it's badly stained (too many black bean chilis) and I can't for the life of me clean it. The stains just don't come out. But yours looks wonderful.
mpfarmer October 11, 2009
I couldn't agree more. I love my LaCreuset pot/s but am frustated by the fact that they don't clean up well. It's one thing cooking @ home (b/c I know they're well-cleaned), but kind of embarrasing when I bring a soup/stew/chili etc. to a pot luck or party....and I only do black-bean chili a couple times a year. Could it be a function of the lining, do you think?
diane E. October 11, 2009
I noticed both you and Amanda have espresso machines. Please tell us what kind they are and the pros and cons of both.
Elycooks October 7, 2009
sorry - got this slideshow to load with Firefox, but not with Internet Explorere
Elycooks October 7, 2009
Lovely! Merrill, tell us more about your mom!
BTW, got this slide sho
Merrill S. October 11, 2009
My mom is a wonderful, intuitive cook and has great style. Check out her food52 profile: Veronica.
lswartz2 October 7, 2009
The slides are not loading for me either, Is something wrong with your site?
Amanda H. October 7, 2009
We seem to be having a problem with our slideshows on Internet Explorer -- we're looking into this, and hope to have it resolved soon. Thanks for letting us know -- it's helpful.
Holly October 6, 2009
I can't get the slideshow to work.
shayma October 6, 2009
the Roseware crystal is gorgeous, can you tell us a bit about it, where is it from, which era is it from? havent come across it before; adore it.
Merrill S. October 11, 2009
Honestly, I wish I knew more. I think it is probably Victorian, but my mother is the one who knows all about it. I'll ask her the next time I see her!
mjad October 6, 2009
the slides are not loading for Me is there a trick?,
lastnightsdinner October 6, 2009
I have kitchen envy! And I'm in love with your copper baking dish.
Merrill S. October 6, 2009
Thanks! I really do get all of my best stuff from my mother.