Food52 Holiday Market

A Peek Into Setting Up the Holiday Market!

December  3, 2015

At the corner of 17th Street and Broadway in Manhattan's Union Square, Food52 staffers have turned into elves, cleaning and building and organizing products and decorating Christmas trees at the Food52 Holiday Market. After months of work, the shop is open for you today! Here's a look at what it took to get it all spic and span and ready for you.

This was our original sign—do you like it? Us, neither.

Progress. #f52market

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We traded it in for something a little more official.

Here it is from the outside. Now you know how to find us!

Yes I know this is overload but LOOK, it's a sign. #f52market

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Then we got a really big sign in the sky.

This is how you launch a store in 48 hrs. #f52market #f52life

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It's not all about the signs, though. There was a lot that had to happen inside, too. Take a look at it on the first day of set up.

@food52 Holiday Market shaping up!

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And here's the space the day before we opened. We're fast movers, clearly.

day 1! ✨🌿 #f52Market

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Voila! Won't you come visit?

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The Food52 Holiday Market is located at 41 Union Square West (at 17th Street) and is open through December 20th. Click here for more information on our pop-up hours and programs!

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Maryann December 22, 2015
Loved the shop, was there on he 20th and purchased a few things. The holiday table set up was gorgeous
Anna December 3, 2015
Hello! The article says the holiday store is open until December 30 and the website says December 20. I'm in town the 28th through the New Year so I am hoping for the 30th! Thanks for the clarification :)
Ali S. December 3, 2015
Oh no that is a very horrible and misleading mistake. We are open until the 20th. So sorry for the typo (and that you'll miss the market!)
Anna December 5, 2015
Thank you!