What Happened When Cookie Monster Came to the Food52 Office

December 11, 2015

Spoiler alert: This post will be full of hyperbole because...

Photo by James Ransom

COOKIE MONSTER came to visit (!!!!).

He stopped by on his whirlwind tour for his new book Sesame Street Let's Cook!, so we thought we'd give him a tour of our stylish office and maybe interest him in an artisan-made biscuit cutter or vintage Champagne coupe. But we quickly realized Cookie was only really interested in one thing—you guessed it:

Poor Cookie! Photo by James Ransom

He wouldn't stop sneaking the 46 cookies that the test kitchen had spent many days making for our Cookies of the World map. (Those cookies were off limits to us, but Cookie couldn't help himself.)

Oh, he's good at this. Photo by James Ransom

Louis Mitchell, Sesame Street's Creative Director who's been animating Cookie Monster for 25 years, explained that Cookie has such a big heart that he would give his last cookie to his friends, but these cookies must've been too good—so good, he didn't even clean as he went.

Photo by James Ransom

Cookie eats cookies how we wish we could—with abandon, in excess, exclusively, and like no one's watching. There was no way we could be mad at him for messing up our kitchen—if anything, we loved him more.

Our Art Director Alexis proposed to Cookie. He responded: "Me want coooookies." Photo by James Ransom

Next spoiler alert (cover your kids' eyes for this one): Cookie isn't a real person. He's supported by a stand and requires the help of Louis to make moves.

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But, given the reactions of Food52 team members—who are all grown-up, capable, full-functioning humans—you would've thought otherwise. Here were some:

I am so starstruck right now.

He's our Justin Bieber.

I'm sweating. Maybe crying.

We're like the girls on the Ed Sullivan Show when The Beatles come out.

I'm going to be the coolest dad ever.

Nothing else matters right now.

Dreams do come true.

Louis said the 4-year-olds don't even wig out as much as we did, and sure enough, Food52 team members we were standing in front of Merrill's daughter Clara. She wasn't all that interested in a photo with Cookie. Meanwhile, we lined up for our prom photos:

Eating cookies with Cookie. Photo by James Ransom, James Ransom
Complete fan-girling. Photo by James Ransom
More Cookie courters. Photo by James Ransom, James Ransom
Baking is where you get cookies, Cookie! Photo by James Ransom
Company holiday photo? Photo by James Ransom

And, finally, the selfies to end all selfies:

Grown-ups taking selfies with a puppet.

It was the most wonderful day of the year. Thank you Cookie for ruining our office and bringing us so much joy!

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Top Comment:
“Love all of the happiness on display here . . . Cookie Monster has always been my favorite SS character. :)”
— cookinginvictoria

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Willful G. December 15, 2015
Cookie Monster is my spirit animal.
Cynthia C. December 15, 2015
I am so happy right now.
MrsWheelbarrow December 14, 2015
I just turned into a 5 year old. So much fun.
Gina Z. December 14, 2015
What a great idea! I love the map. One thing though - Malta is not in Italy...it is an island in the Mediterranean.
Sarah J. December 14, 2015
Thanks for pointing that out. All the locations had to be approximations, unfortunately!
Micki B. December 11, 2015
I'm so jealous. Silly pop up shift!
laurenlocally December 11, 2015
Couldn't have loved this hour more!! Coooookkkkkies.
cookinginvictoria December 11, 2015
Love all of the happiness on display here . . . Cookie Monster has always been my favorite SS character. :)
Mei C. December 11, 2015
mrslarkin December 11, 2015
omg totes jelly!!!!