The Strangest Responses to "Do You Want a Free Cookie?" We've Received at the Food52 Cookie Truck

December 11, 2015

We thought the strangest answer to offering people free cookies on our Holiday Cookie Truck (powered by Nielsen-Massey Vanillas) was going to be "No." But New York City, you have a way of stumping us.

You have to be this loud and obnoxious to get New Yorkers to take free cookies. What gives?

Here are just some of the responses we got to our pitch—"Free cookies! Warm! Right here! No catch!"—in one day of working the truck.

They ranged from skeptical:

What's the catch?

Is this a joke?


Wait is this real?

Why is it warm and free?


Are they hash cookies or regular?

Free? What's wrong with them?

These people answered correctly: Yes.

To happy—or at least okay with the idea:

You'd be crazy to say no.

Oh, it's free cookies!


You're forcing me, okay.

Cookies make me smile.

You people are doing God's work.

To strange:

Are they healthy cookies?

Are they gluten free?

[Points at belly]

Do you come with the cookie?

This guy was a belly-pointer, but we made him take one anyways.

To simply incorrect:

Do you take credit cards?

I'm all set.

(Editors' note: You are never set on free cookies.)

You can still catch the Cookie Truck! Follow us on Twitter to see where we'll be through the weekend.


Carmen L. December 11, 2015
hahahaha omg the last two
Sharon (. December 11, 2015
How about a road trip with that cookie INDIANA!! Sam, I hope you are not driving that truck.<br />