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The 5 Best Things We Learned (So Far) from Our #NotSadDeskLunch Campaign

December 22, 2015

Earlier this year, we set out to change the way you eat lunch—to demand that you slow down, take a break, and make your lunch at work—even if you end up eating it alongside your laptop. Our campaign took us to companies all over New York, where we shared our love of fresh lunches—and showed everyone from curators at the Guggenheim to designers at Madewell how simple and rewarding it is to make lunch at work. We'll be continuing the campaign in 2016, but for now we're taking a look at the 5 best things we learned from throwing #NotSadDeskLunches this year:

1. Lentils are a lunchtime hero—especially when it comes to budgeting.

Photo by Mark Weinberg

When we brought a salad lunch to the First We Feast Team, we were able to do it for under $1 per person—largely due to the fact that lentils are inexpensive. To that base, we added mandolined carrots and a side salad of beets and beans (they were too pretty for us to leave at the market).

2. It's worthwhile to master making vinaigrette without a recipe.

Photo by James Ransom

When you're able to make vinaigrette without a recipe, as we did for the salad lunch we brought to Madewell, you immediately make your lunches that much more interesting and easy to make. For the vinaigrette we took to Madewell, we simply mixed what we had: olive oil, white balsamic vinegar, shallots, herbs, and a big dollop of yogurt stirred in at the end.

3. The easiest way to make your own lunch at the office is to leave the essentials there.

The salad we brought to the Guggenheim Photo by Catherine O'Donnell

When we took lunch to the Guggenheim Museum, it didn't take long for the conversation turn to the number of times we've been completely well-meaning, then forgotten lunch at home. Here's how to use the most of your office space (and refrigerator!) to make sure you never forget lunch again. (We can dream, right?)

4. Whenever possible, take your lunch away from your desk.

Photo by Julia Sherman

We didn't even plan this lunch, but we love the idea! Artist and blogger Julia Sherman threw a #NotSadDeskLunch on the rooftop garden she created for the Getty Museum.

5. Keep your stale bread for lunch croutons.

Stale bread = best salad ever. Photo by Mark Weinberg

We usually prefer to serve the freshest ingredients, but in the case of the lunch we brought to WeWork, stale bread was the best option for a delicious salad. We didn't even toast it! Just tore the pieces straight off the loaf and tossed 'em into the salad bowl.

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