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Your Favorite Make-Ahead Desserts

December 26, 2015

Though the holidays may be winding down, there are still parties to attend—and stress to be had over your breezy offer to bring a dessert. You may not have time to whip up a memorable dessert the day-of and transporting sweets can be a very delicate affair—time and portability are of the essence. What to do?

AntoniaJames took to the Hotline to get some great ideas for make-ahead desserts. Here’s what the Food52 community had to say:

Because we know you're wondering: In the end, AntoniaJames went with brownies with olive oil and brandy-stewed sour cherries—the day of, she added a ganache infused with the leftover brandy.

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What dessert recipes do you have up your sleeve to make ahead? Tell us in the comments!

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Gabi Benedit

Written by: Gabi Benedit

domestic dilettante.

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Windischgirl December 26, 2015
I made Nigella's Nutella Cheesecake on Christmas Eve for yesterday's celebrations, and it was a big hit; I was asked to bring it for New Year's Eve. A relative had gifted me with a 1 kilo jar of Nutella last month, so I am well-stocked for multiple Nutella occasions!