10 Festive Cocktails to Sip from Our Latest #f52contest

January  6, 2016

This just in from our latest #f52contest: You rang in the new year—and celebrated everything and anything—with a host of colorful cocktails. Here are 10 of our favorites:

Congratulations—and cheers!—to our winner, who made this cozy mug of mulled wine:

A batch of rummy Planter's Punch means no one's glass will run dry:

A squeeze of grapefruit juice, a spoonful of grapefruit sorbet, and bubbly the rest of the way up—it's the easiest cocktail there is:

A wintry, creamy, coconut milk cocktail gets additional character from a snowflake-esque star anise garnish:

Citrus juice and whiskey make for a doubly warming cocktail:

Rum, amaro, espresso, and a singed cinnamon stick; this one's aptly named Coffee and a Cigarette:

Satsuma, carrot, and coriander shrub cocktails work equally well at happy hour and brunch:

This sweet-hot riff on the Moscow Mule credits ginger syrup and fresh pomegranate seeds:

A mean Bloody Mary—the best way to recover from the festivities:

A simple, refreshing cocktail of lemon, gin, bitters, and tonic is as invigorating as it is festive:

What did you drink when the clock struck midnight? Tell us in the comments.