This Year's Food Trends, According to Our Kids and Grandparents

January 14, 2016

Our kids and grandparents had a lot to say when it came to naming 2016's hottest trends. And we think they might be onto something.

Salmon. It's gonna be HUGE in 2016. Photo by James Ransom

Earlier this year, we turned to our grandparents to predict 2016's most likely food trends. And why not? They've lived through jello salad, margarine, and Wonder Bread—if anyone, they're the ones who should know exactly what's coming next.

On the other side of that equation are kids. Sure, they may not be old enough to know what a trend is, per se, but they've got lots of opinions. And this week's episode of Burnt Toast is full of opinions—like the great potential of (undressed) broccoli salads and tuna sandwiches on white bread. Rallioli (translation: ravioli) is gonna be big, too.

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You heard it here first, folks:

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